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KH forum Regulars? (Vaux45 - I see you!)
Posted: Posted July 10th
Edited July 10th by ~Apocolypse~

(Note: I replied to the thread but for some reason it didn't push the thread to the top — didn't it used to do that haha — but I wanted you or anyone to see it so reposting as a new post - srryyy):

Vaux!! Dude I definitely remember when you took over KH forums (back in the Pooler days!) I think I was trying to as well but I hadn't been there long enough haha. I think you took over Denida at the time right? KH forums was the jam man. Hmm some names I remember:

-Riku- (I remember you)
khkairi or something like that

I found this snapshot of Mike's GT and it's like... the most imperfectly, perfect website haha it's like all the memories flood back.

Dude can you remind me like what people did in that forum? My memory is so hazy. I kind of remember role playing like.. pool parties? haha does that even make sense? And battle tournaments. I just don't even remember how that worked. I wish we could read the old posts. I just remember lurking for a while and then joining one of those "hangouts". KH forms, as with most of GT, was more than the games. It was about hanging out with cool people. Glad to see people think fondly of a good time in web history

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Oh god I forgot how much I miss the original website. I also went by F-T in the FFX forum and Yojimbo of the Sword/Darth Yojimbo. I'm super excited for KH3

Posted July 16th by -Riku-

This theme was stuck in my head.

Posted September 12th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king
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