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Just watched Blade Runner 2049 for the third time
Posted: Posted February 13th by 9x19
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Very firmly one of my favorite films, but it will not displace Drive as my absolute favorite.

It's so extremely rife with metaphor, but it also works extremely well as a story all its own. It prompts not only general analysis questions about the film, but also symbolic questions about the real world and in-depth theoretical questions that are rarely able to be raised outside of science fiction. It makes me wish that I understood more about film as an art form so that I would be better equipped to work with it.

Besides all that, the raw emotional impact of the work here is something that I find rivaled in almost nothing else I've seen. K's struggle to find healing, belonging and personal worth is so acutely tragic and so precisely modeled after modern discontents as to effect an uncomfortable millennial-depressive humor - something reflected in at least one recent conversation on this site. Gosling's look of crushed acceptance betraying infinite inner turmoil, explicitly stated through his "way off baseline" scene, is something of a hallmark nowadays.

Anyway, just as satisfying on the third watch as on the first, which is not usually something you can say about a film of this length.

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I haven't seen it in a while. We're supposed to get it at my theater for a late night screening (along with the Final Cut of the first film). Definitely excited to watch it again on the big screen.

Posted February 13th by Jet Presto
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I was staunchly against a sequel to Blade Runner in the years leading up to its production, especially when Ridley Scott was still at the helm. My reservations were slightly alleviated once Villeneuve signed on, and almost excited when Deakins joined. But still, totally wasn't expecting to love 2049 to the point where I think it usurped the original for me. Saw it 3 times in cinemas, came away from each viewing with a deeper appreciation for it. A sequel which paid tribute to the original, whilst still retaining its own identity and could easily stand on its own merits. The filmmaking in general is of such a high calibre, but the love syncing scene in particular is an inspired design. Also, in an age of uncanny valley CGI and de-aged actors, Rachael was damn near flawless and used perfectly (low lighting, minimal soft dialogue).

But yeah. Absolutely love the movie. I think it would have to be in my top 10 films of all time. Before I start rambling about every minuscule detail of 2049 that I loved, I'll just say that this was one of the few films I didn't actively dislike Jared Leto in, and a rare instance of Harrison Ford sort of giving a fuck. I'm thankful that he wasn't the main character, not appearing until the end of the second act and yet still managing to be the soul of the film.

Hans Zimmer's soundtrack superb too! The nods to Vangelis complete me.

Posted February 13th by Orion Nebula
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I will likely be reading Nabokov's Pale Fire because of this film. The use of a mere few lines of Pale Fire in the baseline tests were emotionally potent enough to shake me; I looked up a PDF and read the full stanza and the one after it - even more hellacious of a poleaxe. As I've been trying to get more into poetry anyway, I think I'll see if I can find a hard copy of the whole thing over the weekend.

Pale Fire is also interesting because of the metatextual/intertextual/hypertextual composition, something else that has piqued my interest over the last few years.

Posted February 15th by 9x19
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