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what a blast it was. Wish I could go back in time and not be swamped with ap course homework during my junior and senior years so I could do extracurricular activities and meet the entire school. But I made a lot of friends there. We all shared our fond memories of the nostalgia we had especially with all of our pep rallies. The days before I suffered all of this medical trauma living on a feeding and breathing tube. All I had to wear to school we’re contact lenses and hearing aids. A time where I could make the most out of my real life friends plus the ones in middle school and elementary school.

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looking good weid.

my 10 year is in 2021. still 2.5 years out. Not sure if I am looking forward to it. Any one who I remotely liked from HS is on my facebook.

Posted August 7th by s.o.h.

Thank you! If you want a list of photos taken there of me it’s in my Facebook timeline first post so be sure to check that if you wish. I am still trying to find more of my classmates on Facebook by asking my bff from my very young days for everyone who he has added on his Facebook from our elementary, middle, and high schoo days together since he was in asb all of these ywars.

Posted August 7th by weid man

Yoy’re Class of 2011 soh? Your birthday is just four days before mine. I guess I stepped down to quickly for the cut off state but made the god decision to do that I could understand us government class 100% since this was during the year when we had the big balls primaries for both the republican and democrats and how Obama pulled away as the victor. And I graduated just in time before the state had massive budget cuts for education.

Posted August 7th by weid man

Saw your photos, looking sharp.

Posted August 7th by Bubba

Which one is you?

Posted October 17th by ForKMed

You took anatomy and physiology in high school? Color me impressed

Posted October 17th by Brandy

I never went to high school reunion. Also new user, weid is center

Edited October 17th by Brandy

You took anatomy and physiology in high school? Color me impressed

iirc it was a lot of coloring lol

Posted October 17th by S.o.h.

I coloured in college when I took ap too. It was a community college though so maybe that’s why

Posted October 17th by Brandy

high school a&p had coloring for me too, as a way to make everyone actually pay attention to and remember the various bones and shit on their handouts. Makes things stand out, too, so I think it was a p good idea.

I...don't think applied a&p in coolege had coloring? Wonder if I have the old notes around somewhere.

Posted October 17th by Pirate_Ninja

Wtf is coloring? Is foxnked the same person as fox forever?

Posted October 17th by Weid man

No I'm a different person
Name is a reference to 4KMedia, shame they're basically dead

Posted October 17th by ForKMed

Yeah my anatomy class didn't have coloring at my community college. It was 10x harder than the one they offered in HS

Posted October 18th by S.o.h.

literally coloring in pictures, weid - like a coloring book for children. As an example, we'd get a handout with a diagram of the human skull, and we would have to use colored pencils to color in the various bones and structures and then label them with the proper names to use as a study guide. It's good for visualizing the different bone shapes and stuff so you can better remember them.

Posted October 18th by Pirate_Ninja

Looks like fun, Weid!

I'm not going to my 10th reunion. I didn't have much in common with my high school class back then, and a lot less now jaja.

By the way, in your picture, second from the left, is that a guy or girl?

Edited October 18th by Agis

Glad you had fun at your 10 year reunion. Mine was supposed to happen in 2012 but it never happened. I’ll find out in a few years if there will be a 20 year one.

I can color a picture with crayons like a pro. Even throw in some shading and color blending lol.

Posted October 18th by Q

My 10th would've been back in June but i couldnt find my information about it. Oh well.

Also coloring stuff I never understood, especially in anatomy or social studies or math. It's not an art class ffs. I went back through my old assignments and thought the same thing.

Posted October 18th by Fox Forever

It’s a guy it’s one of my friends who I’ge Had since elementary school.

Posted October 19th by Weid mann
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