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Just finally submitted a form to memorialize Jason's FB account...
Posted: Posted Monday by Cetasaurus
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I’m so sorry. That must’ve been hard on you.
It’s a good gesture, though. Honor his memory, always.

Posted Monday by Weird Occurance
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It’s weird; been almost a year and I can’t seem to grasp reality. I thought this would be some kind of victory or like a step toward acceptance. It’s just not.

Posted Tuesday by Ceta
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If that's true, then I don't know if you've actually let yourself grieve, yet :(

Posted Tuesday by Weird Occurance
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I think the reason I got so rattled filling it out was, well, they ask you to provide a death certificate (which I didn't have), or a memorial card (which didn't exist), or "some other form of documentation" that the person was deceased. So I ended up using his suicide note, which I've kept buried as deeply as possible in drawer that I like superstitiously can't open anymore. And something about it hurt.

Got the confirmation email this morning that FB was able to complete the request. So I guess that's a relief.

Edited Tuesday by Cetasaurus
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Formerly KM8

I did the one for Garrett (Weid Man), when I noticed no one else did. I just hope that I didn't overstep my boundaries.

Posted Wednesday by Aurelian
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Fire Lion
Thunder Lion
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