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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Just bought full series of Cowboy Bebop
Posted: Posted March 11th by Kaot0

Impulse buy. Is it good?

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I'd say that's definitely a solid buy.

Posted March 11th by Jet Presto


Posted March 11th by Kaot0

I got the full series Blu-Ray set a few years ago, 112% worth the buy.

Posted March 11th by Fox Forever

I love Cowboy Bebop, and I loved all the futuristic westerns like Outlaw Star, Trigun, etc. It's available on Hulu. You can get a subscription for $6. Was it an impulse? That depends on if you had to have it or you would be content watching it again on Hulu.

Posted March 11th by Jubei
This path is one that I have chosen myself

2 eps in and I'm reminded how much I miss cash 90s anime. The opening credits are awesome. I started watching the first episode over a decade ago when I was in that Naruto/Bleach phase but for some reason put it off and never picked Bebop up again...until now

I havent heard "Outlaw Star" in so long.

Something about owning an entire series on physical copy appeals to me, but I guess Hulu or Crunchyroll would be less expensive.

Posted March 11th by Kaot0

I remember Cowboy Bebop being on Adult Swim way back in 2002, and I didn't appreciate it till I watched it again years later. This anime has everything. Drama, action, humor, and sexiness every time Faye is on. I also love the banter between Spike and her. The artwork is amazing; it looks so realistic, and yet is so incredibly cool.

I liked Outlaw Star. It's like a mix of Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.

Posted March 11th by Jubei
This path is one that I have chosen myself

Well the thing about Hulu or Crunchyroll is you'd have to pay a monthly subscription just to access it. Having it on a physical medium means you can let your subscriptions lapse and still watch it so long as you have a working device for it.

Posted March 11th by Jet Presto

outlaw star is a fun show and cowboy bebop is a classic tbh

The opening credits are awesome.
Tank! is an absolute treasure

Posted March 11th by Pirate_Ninja

See you space cowboy

Posted March 11th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

I own the "vinyl" blu-ray edition. I got it at a steal!

Posted March 11th by Laxan

nice. I personally rather stream it but physical media is nice.

Posted March 11th by S.O.H.

I used to prefer streaming, but then I had to get Comcast internet, and that is unreliable as shit.

Posted March 11th by Jet Presto

I heard Cowboy Bebop was scary good! Let me know. I might purchase on Blu-Ray if Netflix refuses to carry it.

Posted March 11th by mariomguy

okay, I'll tell you right now: I don't think I've ever heard someone say they didn't like it. Even people who don't really watch anime (and/or generalize the entire medium as something they're not interested in), since it has a much more western vibe to it and the dub is really good so you avoid the culture/language barriers.

Posted March 12th by Pirate_Ninja

Just make sure you dont start the show on a completely random episode with no idea who the characters are or what they are doing.

Posted March 12th by S.O.H.

It's good. Each episode seems to have a different plot. I dont know how Spike and Jet haven't starved to death since all of their Mark's either die or get away lol Faye iz hawt

Posted March 12th by Kaot0
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