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I'm not sure if you have Netflix or watch anime but there's a new godzilla anime on netflix. The animation looks pretty sweet. Haven't had time to watch t my self but I thought you should know.

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Oh sweet! Thanks! I knew it was a thing, but didn't know it was on Netflix. (I canceled my Netflix account recently, but got login info from someone else, so I'll definitely check it out.)

Also, @Jo Nathan, if ever he visits this site again.

Posted January 25th by Jet Presto

any one know why he left? I figured he came back on an alt account of sorts. I really hope a certain users comments about the jews didnt drive him from the site.

Posted January 25th by s.o.h.

is jo nathan jewish

Posted January 25th by Brandy


Posted January 25th by Moonray

He is jewish though.

Posted January 25th by s.o.h.

he never told me he was jewish. not that i care js

Edited January 25th by Brandy

Cool. He mentioned it a few times in various threads in world throughout the years)

Edited January 25th by s.o.h.

Really? I didn't know that.

Posted January 25th by Moonray

Nope I'm not Jewish, but I understand why I gave you that impression.

Didn't know about this Godzilla anime before, but it looks pretty cool. Definitely going to be checking it out myself.

Posted January 25th by Jo Nathan

Could have sworn you were oh well

Posted January 25th by s.o.h.

Fun fact: Godzilla is Jewish!

(Just kidding: he's non-denominational.)

Posted January 25th by Jet Presto

I've watched quite a bit of it and I think it's OK. I think about 30 minutes in and barely any Godzilla

Posted January 26th by -Riku-

Cool. Then that means it is probably structured like one of the good Godzilla movies. Can't wait to check it out!

Posted January 26th by Jet Presto

Eh. It's fine.

I'm all for animated Godzilla stuff, as I think you can tell some really cool and unique stories that you can't in live action. The "Godzilla in Hell" comic was amaaaazing! And you can tell that that story, or this one in this anime, would never get the green light to go ahead because it would require more funding. But, I do think if you're going to take away the practical effects and suit actor, you have to tell a better story than just another revenge tale.

Posted January 27th by Jet Presto
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