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Jet presto at the end of the auburn vs Virginia final four game there was a BLOWN CALL on the final possession where they called a
foul on auburn even though the Virginia shooter LEANED INTO HIM.
Posted: Posted April 6th by Weid man

How can Virginia survive so many abortions? Why are football and basketball games always rigged? Speed and gowhilo enrolled at auburn so I was rooting for them to win. Explain to me how that was a foul.

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Ok so now my dad says that the play BEFORE that second foul was a double dribble. Double rigged more like!

Posted April 6th by Weid man

Why do you single me out when there is a bad call, my man? Refs tend to be awful around the board. I don't think the NCAA or NFL is *rigged.* They're just bad.

Posted April 7th by Jet Presto

I didn't watch the game, so I don't know the play in question. (And I also kinda don't care about men's college basketball.)

Posted April 7th by Jet Presto

The player on Virginia dribbled the ball quickly down the court but sort of clumsily fumbled and lost control of the ball dropping it and then quickly ran to pick it up and dribbled it again before auburn reached in and fouled him since they had a foul to give. The next play however the Virginia player shakes and baked any took a three point shot and leaned into the auburn player and got another favorable foul call by the ref. Neither play should have happened, the first was textbook double dribble and it was obvious by everyone no one was standing in his way at the time. Please check the highlights of this game. That no double dribble call against Virginia was so blatant and it cost auburn the chance to possibly become champs and definitely cost them the game in the final four. This was just as bad as the no pass interference call for the rams-saints. It was PLAINLY VISIBLE for ALL THREE REFS and should have been called for double dribbling.

Posted April 7th by Weid man

I can't find a video of the play you're talking about regarding a double dribble.

I saw the foul. Thought it was a bad call, but not the most egregious one I've ever seen. The shooter did not lean into the player. The issue, I believe, would be that the Auburn player got really close and took away the landing zone. Refs across the game are doing more to protect that for shooters. You can't get, like, under the shooters. They need room to land. (We've seen this in the NBA with instances pertaining to Steph Curry's ankles).

So yeah, I don't know that I think it was the worst foul call I've ever seen called. It just is unfortunate that it came late and for a three.

Worth noting that only a few game-seconds earlier, Auburn missed a free throw that would have made that point moot. Free throws win games more than bad calls lose them. There was no need for that Auburn player to get that close anyway. It was a terrible shot and there was no need to contest it that closely.

Posted April 7th by Jet Presto

The PREVIOUS play before that three point. Auburn committed a reach in foul only AFTER the VIrginia player lost control old the bell and the picked it up and dribbled it agin. It was clear. See it?

Posted April 7th by Weid man

I don’t need to explain. Two refs were right there but neither whistleblow against Virginia for double dribble.

Posted April 7th by Weid man

I would have called it an offensive foul bump against the shootoer even if it was vague. If they want these types of plays to be avoided then stop trying to pump fake and shake and bake. Reggie miller is a notorious example of a pump fake player, trying to manipulate defenders to draw fouls like that should not be allowed. Take clean shots then and if you’re out of position to take one then so be it. It’s more important to preserve upsets than to preserve money. If anything rigged games in favor of upsets is GOOD, we all want socialism in sports! Poor teams beating the rich teams. Coaches don’t even deserve that much money.

Posted April 7th by Weid man

Also charging in the restricted zone shouldn’t be allowed like anywhere else on the court. If the defender can’t move out of the way underneath the basket SO BE IT. Stop taking it to the post then. Let the defender camp there as long as they aren’t flinching. There should be no restricted zone. And it should be legal to stay within the key all game long if they want. Camping is legal in gaming.

Posted April 7th by Weod man

Does that come up in view for you?

Posted April 8th by Weid man

Yeah. I saw the double dribble. Gonna be honest: I don't think I would have known that that constitutes a double dribble if the announcer weren't explaining why that is. One would imagine the refs should know that, but I dunno, the ref might have also not had an angle on it and thought maybe something the defender did knocked the ball loose, or the ref just wasn't thinking about a rule that seldom comes up.

Posted April 8th by Jet Presto

Tonight’s was worse, the VERY LAST PLAY of regulation WAS a foul yet the ref called nothing. Virginia won it oT because of that.

Posted April 8th by Weid man

You are a psychic cause look what made happen in today’s game. EPIC RIG

Posted April 28th by Weid man
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Reply to: Jet presto at the end of the auburn vs Virginia final four game there was a BLOWN CALL on the final possession where they called a
foul on auburn even though the Virginia shooter LEANED INTO HIM.
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