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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Have you heard of aYoutube channel called Pop Culture Detective? I somehow was ordained to watch an episode or two by the Almighty Algorithm, and it kinda struck me as something you might enjoy. It's just some guy dissecting media tropes and their societal/cultural impacts, I guess.

I don't watch much Youtube, so I figure there's like 90% chance everyone here has heard of this channel before except me.

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sounds like something i’d be into also

Posted November 9th by poptart!

haha i’m fucking high sorry that was a weird thing to say

Posted November 9th by poptart!

Maybe you would!

Posted November 9th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

I am very familiar, in fact! They basically caused me to stop working on TWO separate essays I was working on. The first was an essay about how misogynistic the Big Bang Theory is and why I fucking hate it for that (among many other) reasons. They've done at least two episodes primarily on it, while referencing the show in several others. And then, less directly, I was working on a piece about why I kinda hate Harrison Ford characters, and they did a piece that prominently featured the Harrison Ford characters I find the most problematic: Rick Deckard, Indiana Jones, and - to a lesser extent and pretty much exclusively in Empire Strikes Back - Han Solo.

Yeah, I love that channel. Was super into their breakdown of Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts, because I really loved him and that movie but it seemed like I was the only one who felt strongly about it. And I looooove his break down of the Jedi.

Though I am very familiar, I appreciate the thought! Always nice to get a recommendation, or to know someone thought of me watching a video or something!

Posted November 9th by Jet Presto

Nice! The two BBT episodes and the episode about Harrison Ford were actually the ones I saw.

I haven't seen the one on Newt Scamander, but I also haven't seen Fantastic Beasts haha.
Haven't seen the break-down of the Jedi either, but I did see it in the "Play Next" area and maybe will give it a watch!

Anyway, thanks for entertaining my suggestion, even though you knew it already. :) I'll probably watch some more episodes myself.

Posted November 9th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Oh actually I had another suggestion for you, though I think it's even more likely you've heard of it than the first one. My new-ish friend invited me over a couple weeks back to watch something called Rifftrax. It's like that other show (Mystery Science Theater?), where people are talking over the film, making jokes and sometimes criticisms or just other commentary. My friend and I watched the Star Wars prequels over the course of a week, and it was amusing at times.

My favorite ongoing joke was Anakin's hatred for sand.

Posted November 9th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

poptart you made my day XD

Posted November 9th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

My new-ish friend invited me over a couple weeks back to watch something called Rifftrax. It's like that other show (Mystery Science Theater?)

Same people, I believe.

Posted November 9th by Fox Forever

Yeah. They still do some theatrical stuff. I saw a RiffTrax Starship Troopers show sometime last year, I think it was? It's pretty good stuff!

Posted Saturday by Jet Presto
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