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Jahoy hoy please send eagle a message on Facebook saying HE SCORED THE GAME WINNING TWO POINT CONVERSION TWIOCE!
Posted: Posted November 3rd, 2018
Edited November 3rd, 2018 by Weid man

Basically what happened was that West Virginia rallied in the last minute to scored a touchdown SINGLE HANDEDLY (moreso pedically since he made the catch with only one foot inbounds) but what I mean is withOUT using a timeout) and then tried to go for two a two point conversion and Texas initially called timeout and THEN at the last second called a timeout AGAJN to try and off West Virginia who did initially score since the play was in motion but the refs made the timeout signal stopping the play ruling it dead like the spot second before the center snapped the bell so it saved them but EVEN THOUGH Texas tried to off set them with back to back timeouts including the one that West Virginia scored on West Virginia went for two despite these two drawbacks and they STILL scored on a bootleg run by their QB and Texas lost because of this. You know how much of a die hard longhorns fan he is. Back in 2009 he said that he wished to become a college football analyst when he gets a full time job.

Do you remember the 2007 auburn vs Florida game. On that last play the Auburn kicker Wes byrum initially made the field goal attempt but snartass Florida coach urban Meyer called timeout the split second before the ball was snapped to offset the kicker but nevertheless he attempted the game winning field goal again and still made it. Mike Patrick with the call. HE MADE THE GAME WINNING FIELD GOAL, TWIOCE!

God I miss those days. Speed being my college football professor

Mock Eagle by telling him the quote that I ask you to and I bet him ALL of my wealth (which he desperately NEEDS and has needed since the second he was born) that he will say FUCK YOU! stop sending me shit that weid says, I hate him and want him to die ASAP. His mom should have aborted him. I KNOW he will know that I asked you to tell him this and you can tell him that I bet all of my wealth that he would say a negative response with me as the subject in it. Then you can tell him too bad I won the lottery off all of my money roulette. Go earn your money someway else.

Or should we not he pressing his buttons? And I DO t mean a, b, x, y, r, l.

The Catholics are playing northwestern right now AT northwestern so root for your allies and pray that the Catholics die since you hate notre dame with a passion. The CATHOLICS DO have to play #19 syracuse in two weeks so they could easily lose that game. Remember notre dame is a half affiliate of the acc.


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