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Jahoy hot pleae tell speed that there is news about the new metal far solid game.
Posted: Posted October 31st by Weid metal gear aolid

There are 7 Replies

How often do you think Speed and I talk?

Posted October 31st by Jahoy Hoy

All the time. You guys are practically Jay and Silent Bob.

Posted October 31st by Q

Snake snake snaaaaaaaake!

Posted October 31st by Brandy

We don't need whole other posts for users to point at other posts, weid.

Posted October 31st by Fox Forever

Also who says it was a new Metal Gear game?

Posted October 31st by Fox Forever

Shh.... it is a new metal gear (we want speed to come back right?)

Edited October 31st by Brandy

Jahoy hoy you rarely talk to speed. I REALLY would like for him to add me on Facebook or SMS text so I can talk college football and video games to him. He is the heart and soul of the xat, he is who led me to where I am today, as well as from you and everyone EXCEPT Chubbz, Johnny, and eagle because they hate me to hell and have repeatedly said death threats to me and are inherently evil people even though they are victims of real life bullies and live in poverty and etc. they should have mercy for everyone but no those three people always pick on people who they feel as inferior because in truth those three users are inferior to their real life’s problems. I swear eagle used to ask me how much money would I want him to pay me in order for my commit suicide, and he laughed at my voice and said all sorts of cruel shit. Jahoy hoy you told me that eagle hates you too. He always has said to me on xat that no one likes me and thinks that I have no real life friends, which he is so ignorant about. And he has told me to never k him yet he always k’s at me. He’s a humongous hypocrite if you ask me. I am in need for speed UNDERPANTS WIDE STANCE because you are the only person besides him that talks college football to me, only thing is that he has full passion for that branch of football whereas you and query have full passion for the pros. He should be a commentator for auburn football imo.

Posted October 31st by Weid man
Reply to: Jahoy hot pleae tell speed that there is news about the new metal far solid game.
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