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Thanks to the two ridiculous mini game moons, jump rope and volleyball. The last two moons I have yet to get. The hard part is that both of these challenges just aren't fun. I could play Darker Side for three hours before I finally finished it, and loved every minute of it. But I can't stand playing these mini games for more than 10 minutes at a time.

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jumping rope is a pain in the ass all about finding the right rhythm, but did you try volleyball as Cappy? Going into 2P mode and just moving Mario off the court (you're screwed if you bump into him) makes it a lot easier.

but I'm with you on the time limit on patience - a couple of the Dark Side remix moons took me a whole lot of attempts, but it's less frustrating to fail those than than to fail at jump/volley number 76 and have to start fresh.

Posted April 7th by Pirate_Ninja

I haven't given it a good try but I've gotten 50 or so hits on the volleyball and near 80 on the jump rope. Do you actually get anything for getting all moons except satisfaction?

Posted April 7th by Fox Forever

The will to live

Posted April 7th by S.o.h.

hell yeah you do...kinda

spoilered just in case

Posted April 7th by Pirate_Ninja

I tried the cappy method briefly, but felt like it was almost too fast. I'm sure I'll get it when I become more comfortable with the mechanics.

Posted April 7th by Bubba

Show that photo to Apollo pirate ninja because she has big balls!

Posted April 7th by Weid man

she stopped interacting with me years ago so I assume she's either dead, amnestic, or not interested in talking to me

I tried the cappy method briefly, but felt like it was almost too fast. I'm sure I'll get it when I become more comfortable with the mechanics.
yeah, it definitely feels slippery when you swap to him. I found it helpful to kinda last-minute lunge for the ball - your hitbox is bigger than I first thought and you're actually able to let it hit the ground very briefly (like a tiny bounce before it rests on the sand). Moving early, I'd sometimes zip right under the ball before it came down low enough to hit, which can be tough to react to.

Posted April 7th by Pirate_Ninja

Ill talk to you

Posted April 7th by S.o.h.

What do you mean by amnestied pirate Ninja? Have you tried interacting with her recently I don’t get why she stopped talking to you? She’s busy at grad school she told me a few years ago, which makes sense (no one is expecting to talk here 24/7 cause she’s working and studying full time and anyone would only want to talk to her every now and then and not all of the time since she’s barely available) but soh is also in grad school and has loads of work/studying everyday but he posts here everyday when he had the spare chance to.

No you won’t soh you literally told me so in your thread when I asked you to come to San Diego since you went to dc just recently/

Edited April 7th by Weid man

What do you mean by amnestied pirate Ninja

i literally lol'ed

Edited April 7th by Brandy

I mean amnestic brandy. And speaking of amnesty, trump is going to ban it, read

You would be enthralled to know that Apollo streamed playing re4 for us brandy and said that it was hard as hell because it took her many times to shoot some foes dead at the very beginning because Leon Kennedy didn’t have enough amo or something like that rather.

Posted April 8th by Weid man

"No you won’t soh you literally told me so in your thread when I asked you to come to San Diego since you went to dc just recently/ "

I want to take this moment to point out that Washington D.C. and San Diego, CA are literally on opposite sides of the Country. You couldn't get any further away from each other in the U.S. unless you went to Alaska or Hawaii.

Edited April 8th by Q

He lived in Northern California, q, about a six hour drive north from me (Fresno to be exact) and he’s driven tonlos angeled several times which is only two hours away from me. Thete’s No excuse that he can’t come here. He’s even driven to Mexico before.

There’s no east-west interstate freeway that directly connects Fresno with dc but the only east west interstate that possibly could is the 70 which dead ends in the middle of nowhere in Utah. It won’t make its ways over to California because the fucking environmentalists are in the way and won’t let the freeway make its ways across the across the Sierra Nevada mountains becauxenthey think that those mountains are sacred and not to be meddled with. If there’s gold mining then they can allow for blasting through mountains to directly connect Northern California tonthe nation’s capital which it has no connection whatsoever. Southern California doesn’t have any connection problem with any places away from it (I took the 8 to Tucson to go meet night gazer, which is a southern bypass from Los Angeles and Phoenix so I disn’t Have to sit in any traffic whatsoever). But part of central California is acrewed and can easily he fixed. Interstate 40 terminates in Barstow which is a barren city in the desert in California, which like interstate 80, both terminate on interstate 15. However a new freeeaay/expressway emerges a few miles west called the 58 which makes its way all the way west to Bakersfield and then terminates at the 99 to become a highway although caltrans is doing construction to extend it to interstate 5. That’s not al the way on the coast. The area where kassie the eevee is from (the greater Santa Barbara area) is sepearatwd to the Central Valley where interstate 5 is by do damn mountain range again. Santa Maria is the largest city in Santa Barbara county by population but the metro population is greater 30 minutes south where the city of Santa Barbara actually is located, but many people also want to go to San Luis Obispo which is located 30 minutes north of Santa Maria, so, given these reasons and the fact the the 58 is almost directly east of there, they should change the route right to a freeway and rename it as an extension of interstate 40 so that people out of state wouldn’t get lost (like Brocken jr who lives really close to the 40 on the opposite side of the country), construct and extend interstate 40 from interstate 15 in Barstow where it currently terminates all the way to the 101 in Santa Maria which is on the pacific coast here in California and would make the entire route of interstate 40 transcontinental because it would run directly from Wilmington, North Carolina which is a city on the Atlantic coast, all the way to Santa Maria, California which is a city on the pacific coast, and this is the only possible route that can be a northern bypass of the greater Los Angeles region. If you’ve been to Los Angeles you’d know how awful the traffic is, it’s worse than that of atlanta’s And dc’s. It’s not entire on the coast and it’s not along the Mexican border and separated by close mountains and the desert to the east like San Diego is, so the traffic here is only bad coming from our north where Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside; and San Bernardino counties are located. There is no need for s bypass from San Diego to keep unnecessary traffic who isn’t headed anywhere close to Los Angeles from the north and the central coast, such as Santa Barbra and points north of there. Interstate 15 is Los angeles’s Eastern bypass and interstate 8 is it’s southern bypass since it runs directly to San Diego like interstate 15 does, but there’s no northern bypass freeway that runs all the way across California not too far away from Los Angeles. Interstate 40 is like 1-2 hours north of the Los Angeles region’s path (interstate 10, which splits from interstate 8 when it goes west of casa grande, Arizona which is west of Tucson and there’s a highway 85 that connects the 8 at gila bend to buckeye on the 10 which is just a little bit west of Phoenix, meaning we could easily get to Arizona taking the 8 as the southern bypass of Los Angeles which is two hours north of San Diego plus imminent traffic, so that we don’t have to sit in any traffic congestion within California. And since interstate 15 is the eastern bypass of Los Angeles I could easily get to riverside and San Bernardino and Vegas and points northeast (all of these things assuming if I have a chauffeur to take my anywhere that I need to go along the west coast). But ever since I lost my ability to talk and swallow I’m stranded here on pallabale care daily, meaning I can’t travel like I did before then (I used to be able to go skiing, which YOU SHOULD DO, SOH, go to mammoth or Tahoe or big bear to ski here in California). San Diego is a well protected city hnokemlos Angeles which has horrible traffic. Smog, crime, and very active fault lines which cause millions of earthquakes to occur within the year within Los Angeles because it right next to the most active fault zone in the world which is the San Andreas fault. The fault then curves way eastward into the imperial valley which is two hours east of San Diego and we have no active faults within San Diego except a few which hadn’t ruptured for over millions of years and theu’rw Very small in size compared to the ones in Los Angeles. And Los angeled isb’t situated all the way to the bay/ocean like San Diego is, so the weather there can get hot or cold, whereas in San Diego it rarely rises above 80 and rarely drops below 50. 70 degrees here everyday and when it rains it’s only light rain and not downspours and he pacific hurricanes only can possibly reach Cabo San Lucas way down in Baja California in Mexico.

SOH goes to Los Angeles once every year to meet up with some group that he’s apart of with his friends.

Posted April 8th by Weid man

I haven't been to LA in well over 4 years. And I only went to drop off a friend at LAX. I don't know what medication Weitzman is on but dam.

Posted April 8th by S.o.h.

Lol at that wall of text. Are you familiar with Saturday Night Live's Californians skits, Weid? That's what you and your traffic knowledge remind me of.

Posted April 8th by Bubba

u can beat re4 without killing anything(cept bosses and garage zombies that open and shut) and u can never run out of ammo

Edited April 8th by Brandy

“I haven't been to LA in well over 4 years.”

Are you sure? We have it on good account that you visit once a year to some group you are apart of.

Posted April 8th by Q

The traffic here in Southern California is worse than that of Atlanta, New York City, Washington DC, and the Bay Area. If you’ve been to Los Angeles (which is where e3 is located) then you’d be willing to pay taxes for road construction projects there instead of sitting in a wall of traffic everyday running at the speed of a snail. That’s why I support this gas tax increase bill and hope that they continue raising taxes for it so that they can help pay funds for road construction projects which we desperately need. Soh you told me that you hate the traffic in Turlock. Brandy fox forever just picked up re4 like five years ago and had trouble beating the opening level. Took so many shots to kill the bastard.

Posted April 8th by Weid man

Brandy fox forever just picked up re4 like five years ago and had trouble beating the opening level.

Lol, "just" picked up 5 years ago? Also I think I was playing on Professional at the time.

Posted April 9th by Fox Forever

Dam Q figured out my little charade almost got away with it too if it wasnt foe you and that meddling Weitzman.

What me and my acapella group do together is none of your concern!

I actually dislike the tax hike. It hurts the valley greatly and its personally killing my wallet.

Posted April 9th by S.o.h.

Have thry vegan and finished construction on the 60/lemon avenue project which they can up with and are supposed to help you get onto the 60!much easier Fox. Which game has the episcopal online play mercenaries or revelations? I played that at peter’s place when Phillip showed me the game on the 3ds.?

Posted April 9th by Weid man

"Lol, "just" picked up 5 years ago?"

To be fair, I sometimes feel like 2013 was just last year. It's hard to believe that the X1 and PS4 will Turn 5 this year!

"Dam Q figured out my little charade almost got away with it too if it wasnt foe you and that meddling Weitzman. "

Well I am omnipotent and all.

Edited April 9th by Q

lol holy shit I think that's the most impressive weid-wall I've seen

amnestic as in having amnesia, which was a joke because we all know what an unforgettable character I am

Have you tried interacting with her recently

I don’t get why she stopped talking to you?
neither do I, but it's not the first time she's disappeared without a word of explanation and I'm not going to beg for an answer.

i literally lol'ed
this, with an added layer of comedy since your reply sounds like an apollo post

also, soh confirmed fake news #wow #whoa

also also,

Which game has the episcopal online play

Posted April 9th by Pirate_Ninja

"Which game has the episcopal online play mercenaries or revelations? I played that at peter’s place when Phillip showed me the game on the 3ds.?"

The Episcopal Church is involved in making online video games? And you played with Saint Peter and Saint Phillip? I didn't even take you as a religious person of that magnitude...

Posted April 9th by Q

Regarding the whole Apollo thing, I have her added on IG and sometimes I'll comment on her thing and she may respond. I think it's just a moving on in life or busy in life type of deal. I'd say it's the latter but I haven't begged for her to come back or anything.

Posted April 9th by Fox Forever

in all seriousness I see her PSN online sometimes, but I've been sufficiently ignored for my tastes. I'm not hard to find if she cares to do it.


check out this time I didn't take a race seriously and apparently won

Posted April 9th by Pirate_Ninja

What do you mean that you have been sufficiently ignored for your tastes pirate ninja? I’m missing the social Q here because of my case of asperger’s as you all know. Also good job at winning that race in oddesey. Youre one of the most skilled gamers that I’ve ever seen especially in smash and mario kart.

Don’t bother asking Apollo to come back if she doesn’t want to. I would just like to play an online game with her if any type with all of us paying together. Peter and Laura and Phillip play the game warframe fox which is an 8 player third person shooter game on the pc. Is anyone interested in playing my old neighbors who have won smash tournaments and play as many video games possible (they often make puns and do acting skits for the character Chris redfield in the resident evil series)? They don’t play nor have any Xbox system though, they’ve got ps3/4 and with/switch/3ds and have accounts for their online services (and pc’s of course). They’re mad that bill gates stole rareware otherwise they’d be playing perfect dark and golden eye arm as would us all. Rareware was generous to make a golden eye remake for the Wii and I got it for my birthday back in 2010 and camped the whole time when playing online cause the graphics were SHIT and hard to see where you’re going when it’s not HD quality because Nintendo is retarded when it comes to graphics especially for third party games.

Back on topic here I think peter had collected all of the moons in oddesey for since you know that he loves mario even more than I love yoshi which speaks volumes (has arguably one of he best mario skilled players in smash) and you all know how hard it is to find all of these moons. Maybe this should have named this game “super mario MOONSHINE”.

If anyone wants to play an mmorpg game together then let’s get started. Got tons of friends who play those types of games.

Edited April 9th by Weid man

Youre one of the most skilled gamers that I’ve ever seen especially in smash and mario kart.

Ahem. Choose a Kart and lets go a few Laps. Blue Shyguy best character dont @ me.

this thread is all sort of bonkers. (nod)

Posted April 9th by S.O.H.

It’s all sorts of BALLS because we all would be playing some pc game spill atm like league of legends or overwatch. Or any multiplayer game on any system that she owns that has online play.

Soh do you have oddesey yet?

Posted April 9th by Weid man

nope. I purchased a screen protector today. I think Zelda, Splatoon and Dark souls will be my next purchases.

Posted April 9th by s.o.h.

Please tell me that you have mario kart 8 deluxe for the switch. I’ll race you.

Posted April 9th by Weid man

I ordered Dragon Quest Builders from Amazon yesterday for around $45 new and should be here tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out when I’ll be able to play it.

Posted April 10th by Q

Soh and pirate ninja and everyone please add me on the switch as a friend.!

Posted April 10th by Weid man

I thought the Koopa races were some of the funnest content in the game. Most are pretty easy once you have an understanding of Mario's mechanics. Off the top of my head the most difficult one was the jungle level.

I thought it was pretty bizzare how easy the Seaside Kingdom race was. Just head for the forks stuck into the side of the cliff face and boing your way up.

Posted April 10th by Bubba

yeah, it was cool being tasked to find a fast route that was kinda up to you. I remember particularly enjoying the Forest Kingdom one, once you realize that those turtle dorks can have fun winding their way through the cage maze sections while you skip the entire section with a Totally Sick Jump over the abyss. I think the gold koopa did it, making it mandatory for the second race moon, but it was p funny against the regular boys.

I saved that replay in disbelief because I was sure I'd lost until I actually saw it said 1st at the end - I wanted to play it back and see if it'd actually been as close as it seemed. That was my first attempt after coming back to the level and stumbling across the race, so I didn't even remember the stage layout and was just trying to survey it for a serious attempt.

Soh and pirate ninja and everyone please add me on the switch as a friend.
you sent me a friend request like a month ago and I accepted it

Posted April 10th by Pirate_Ninja

Haven't played Odyssey since like February, but I beat the main game but I'm not going for all of the power moons. I've never 100% any of the 3D Mario games (other than Super Mario 64) because there's these annoying parts where getting the Shine Sprites/Stars/Power Moons is so annoying and almost makes me want to rage quit.

Posted April 18th by Blake

Tried jump rope again last night, NOPE. About to shelve the game.

Posted April 19th by Bubba
Reply to: I've made peace with the fact that I'm not going to 100% Mario Odyssey
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