Its official. PS4 reaches over 100 million in sales
Posted: Posted July 31st by ShadowFox08
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. It's the fastest home console to reach 100 million officially! Faster than the Wii and PS2. It took the PS2 five years and ninemonths to reach it, while it took PS4 5 years and seven months. Congrats! https://www.pcmag.com/news/369825/ps4-has-sold-100m

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A truly impressive feat considering it is not backwards compatible. I still don't see the appeal for a ps4. And would not go out of my way to buy one.

There isn't a game on there (yet) that personally interests me enough to purchase the system (God of war came close)

I am happy so many people enjoy the system. Some of the exclusive games I played let me down. (Spiderman, uncharted 4) but I have hope for TLOU2. Realistically speaking I'll prob just borrow a ps4 from a friend to play that lol.

Posted July 31st by S.o.h.
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I honestly think it's deserved. PS4 is not the Wii, N64, or Gamecube (I started with N64 and holds a dear place in my heart). I waited out getting my PS4 until nearly a year ago now (crazy to think). But I honestly love it, the PS2 ports could use some work, but I love my Spyro Reignited theme with matching music and my favorite thing to stream Netflix with haha.

Edited July 31st by Shelbai
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Shell + Buy

Oddly enough the funimation app (fuck) only worked on the ps4 I was borrowing. It guess a +1 for that lol.

Posted July 31st by S.O.H.
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Speaking of backwards compatibility, OG 60GB PS3 was probably the greatest for that. Being able to play PS2 and PS1--3 generations at anytime with a disc insert is crazy.

Anyway, PS4 came out strong. MS duh goofed with the forced Kinect and drm in the beginning. Also helped that PS4 was sold as the same price as xbone, but with higher specs and it consistently ended up being the leading platform can lonsole for at least 4 years. And me just isn't that popular outside U.S.. Japan and Europe don't care

Posted August 1st by ShadowFox08
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