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The only way we'd actually get new members is if we abandon the old look and feel of the site and make a modern forum. I'm not even saying that's the best idea. Maybe it's better to keep our small community/family and forget about growth. But from a marketing perspective this site has literally zero appeal to any demographic of new members. It only has appeal to us because we already know each other and the look brings us back to 2003 when times were more innocent.

If you actually want to grow it, if that's your objective, make a modern forum, give it a new name, and have all of us advertise it once it looks nice. Have a robust writing and roleplaying section, and non-offensive news posts every day in both world and boxcube. It has to be a team effort and it has to look new. One thing I'm good at is making things stand out, but that's damn near impossible here. This site looks like shit to anyone who isn't already familiar with it. Hiding world is a bandaid and it will make us appear far less active.

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I'm not really sure that I buy this. The design seems fine and has been rather modernized even if it's still... unique.

Posted August 4th by KnokkelMillennium

If you want to rough it with the current look we at least need to have news posts daily. Make the site look like it's not on life support. The world forum should have at least a page a day of new threads. And not just unsavory ones.

Edited August 4th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

To respond to a few things here:

  • The site definitely needs to be more intuitive. The User CP, the new login/register page, the username / password thing.. the whole site needs to be like that. There are some deep coding issues preventing this that I'm really just going to have to force myself through I think.

  • when it works right, I like the style. A bit of a cleaner version of the old revamp mockups with some simpler elements. Getting the whole site on that style would be nice.

  • getting new people should be the primary objective, and it is.

  • I agree with you that reviving gtx0 should be a team effort. It needs to be a thing where all hands are on deck and I'm involved and invested in every effort by everyone. I'll make a post soon that addresses some of this after I actually do some work.

  • speaking of which, I've set a kind of personal goal for myself to change my reputation from someone who has ideas to someone who actually makes changes.

  • Posted August 7th by Xhin

    What about a gametalk inspired app?

    Posted August 7th by Agis

    One thing I definitely want to do is make an app for GTX0 notifications. An actual full-site app would take a ton of work even if I just hired someone to make it due to the lack of endpoints. It'll be more feasible over time I think.

    Posted August 7th by Xhin

    speaking of which, I've set a kind of personal goal for myself to change my reputation from someone who has ideas to someone who actually makes changes.
    except historically part of the problem has been "actually making changes" out of nowhere without involving anyone else

    that's more along the lines of the rep you're looking at

    Posted August 7th by Pirate_Ninja


    Get the hell away from me.

    Posted August 7th by S.o.h.

    There's multiple problems honestly.

    Posted August 7th by Xhin
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