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It's been a year now
Posted: Posted June 21st by -Riku-
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One year ago today I said goodbye to my big brother as we pulled him off life support. He was hard working, sarcastic, loud, caring man. He left behind a widow and three children, whom my parents and I have been helping out with. The oldest one turns 10 on Monday and it wouldn't surprise me if his wish was to have his daddy back. Though my brother wasn't the boys biological father, he loved the boy with all his heart and their love of sports was something they also shared with the middle child, who turned 5 recently. My brother got me my job 11 years ago and without that job, I wouldn't be who I am today. I miss him dearly and wish he were still here with us, but at least his death helped save the life of another person. My brother was an organ donor and shortly after his death, his liver was given to another man and it saved that man's life.

My brother was a hero, a father, and a husband. Though he is gone, the influence he has had over people is felt every day

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I am sorry for his family’s loss.
Some stepfathers really are heroes.
His story reminds me of my father who passed in 2000.

Posted June 26th by chiarizio
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