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Isnt it against the rules to cuss in titles?
Posted: Posted March 10th, 2017 by Aurelian

...or was that changed?

Reported Post (Speed Bike Pro)

My current occupation is assistant manager at a Jimmy John's here in Tallahassee. It's not hard work and it keeps me busy. That's the basic context. The point of this thread is to complain about why my owner is a dickhead because my gf gets tired of me talking about work and I can't talk about it to anyone else above me at my job either since they're all brainwashed. His name will be Fark for the purposes of this post.

Fark is a FUCKING GIANT ASSHOLE BALLS AND WIENER SHITFACE. As managers we are REQUIRED to work 5 shifts a week, with each shift being no less than 10 hours. Do the math, that is 50+ hours per week and let me just say that it tends to be closer to 60 due to the cleanliness expectations. The real kicker is that we're only paid for 40 hours and don't receive overtime. And before you ask, yes, that is EXTREMELY ILLEGAL but no, I don't know why it's allowed to continue. Something to do with the fine print of the contract. JJ's in general is infamous nationwide for its awful exploitation of employees and managers.

On the subject of labor, Fark is a STUPID SHIT-FOR-BRAINS. Our labor goal for each week is 24.5%, that means that our cost of labor is never supposed to exceed 24.5% of our total royalty sales. Most other businesses have a much higher labor goal because 24.5% is fucking shitty. Most people don't want to come to work just to work 1.5-2 hours and then go home, but that's what we have to force our employees to do because Fark wants to pocket more of that sweet sweet sales money rather than paying it forward to the employees that actually make his stores worth a shit. The kicker here is that managers have to hit their labor goal in order to get any kind of bonus, period. If you don't hit the labor goal, you don't get ANY bonus money (reminder that we still only get paid for 40 hours and don't get overtime). But do you really wanna know the kicker within the kicker? Fark sets us up for failure: he constantly bitches and moans about how no one can hit the labor goal but this week, we have THREE PEOPLE hand-picked by him to go out in our area and hang up fliers and shit and those three people all make $10/hour OR MORE while they are on the clock at our store, despite not actually being there or helping. So, poof, there goes our fucking labor down the drain for the week (also my store runs the lowest labor out of 6 stores but we're treated the same as the stores running 31%).

I'll add more later but I ironically have to go drain my soul at this shitty job right now, I just wanted to get some of this shit off my chest. Thanks for reading my blog!

The guy who signs my paychecks is an a****le
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Yes it is, and I and other mods missed it.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will edited the title.

Posted March 10th, 2017 by chiefsonny


Posted March 11th, 2017 by Eagle0
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