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There's a whole subculture built up around terrible, low-effort games nowadays. There are games being released now that would barely qualify as a proof-of-concept or a physics engine demo, usually with "entertainingly" terrible control schemes and purposefully-overlooked glitches. Much in the way that modern art hacks experiment with the borders of their media, these games experiment with what can even be called a "game". I find that interesting in a philosophical way, but it's blatantly bad in terms of gaming. Most of these games, as high-concept or weird as the sheep that play them would have you believe they are, are low-effort toilet-squirts that bear none of the qualifying context of the actual great games that may have inspired them. Who wants to make the next Quake 3 or Half-Life or Super Mario 64 when you could make QWOP or Happy Wheels?

Yes, I'm aware that those games are free - but many others aren't. Getting Over It, a pseudo-intellectual look at B-games from the developer of QWOP, is $8. Human: Fall Flat, Guts & Glory, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and various other pseudorandom slapstick generators are also being sold for real money, despite the fact that they have the value of a potato chip compared to the full meal that other games of the same or even lower price represent. Portal, Hotline Miami, Counter-Strike, Half-Life 2, Civilization IV, Undertale, Morrowind and Oblivion, Disgaea, Braid: all comparable or lower prices, all critically acclaimed cultural phenomena. And that's not even counting amazing games made by indie devs and given away for free, like Cave Story.

Of course, I have to give the typical boilerplate disclaimer to account for people's opinions: if you want to play it, then fine. It's your right to spend your money on whatever crapola you want. It does, however, normalize absolute shit.

I am the mighty Sun-Column.
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Yes! So much this! Some games like World of Goo take an interesting concept and expand on it to the point where it can fill a game. Others take an interesting concept and make it fill a game. This is, I feel, the whole purpose of Game Jam: make a game in 2 days. No, it's not going to be a great game. I feel Game Jam was created to counter AAA efforts to make games longer with more convoluted systems.

I miss games like Paper Mario that really made you fall in love with the world. This kind of game-making has been supplanted by not just the crappy browser games (which have no mass-produced equivalent), but also stuff like VR chat and Roblox.

Posted January 24th by mariomguy

i blame that stupid goat game

Posted January 24th by poptart!

i blame that stupid goat game

Yes, Goat Simulator is quite possibly the first really successful B-game, though it has roots in QWOP. QWOP was so obviously terrible that most people played it for ten seconds and then gave up, though, while Goat Simulator fully embraced that "style" and kept adding bullshit to the mix to entice the player along. And now we have fidget spinner simulators.

Posted January 25th by nullfather

No. I find much happiness in watching my favorite YouTube personas play and review these games. Videogamehippopotamus review/play through of getting over it was one of my few highlighrs of the break.

Posted January 25th by S.o.h.

"Who wants to make the next Quake 3 or Half-Life or Super Mario 64 when you could make QWOP or Happy Wheels?"

It takes effort and time to make a quality game like SM64 or HL. It's much easier and quicker to churn out crap gimmicky games like QWOP.

But yes, I am tired of those kind of games also. I am also tired of the free to play model for games that are designed to make you spend money.

Edited January 25th by Q

It takes effort and time to make a quality game like SM64 or HL. It's much easier and quicker to churn out crap gimmicky games like QWOP.

It is, but those crap gimmick games are turning into full-fledged projects in and of themselves. Games like Goat Simulator and Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator are games that came out of full development and update cycles. It's just that, instead of trying to create a masterpiece, they spent that time and effort on funny ragdoll physics.

Posted January 25th by nullfather
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