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IRL Update and Moadrap
Posted: Posted March 18th by Xhin
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After a couple months of work, my IRL projects are at the absolute very tail-end. Sometime this week I'm going to be ready to start actually putting in job applications in my field, which is great and I feel fucking proud of my accomplishments.

Once I have a job, I'll finally be able to put some time into here again as well. I've put in a little here and there but until I get a job the best use of my time is throwing out a wider net for jobs.

My GTX0 priorities look like this:

  • Finish up the Post Pagination feature and make it enabled by default. Been using it for a few weeks -- it still needs a couple things and another layer of polish.

  • Mass-email the conworlds.fun community. Not sure how much extra activity we'll get here -- those people have been gone a while. But you never know.

  • I want to update the website merger manifesto.. simplify it and focus on small sites that are almost dead for the time being.

  • I've found a few pretty promising candidates, and I have a pretty good idea of how to find more. I want to at least start this process. Right now I just want to try to do one and learn from it, before I make any large moves.

  • Tackle this list again: http://gtx0.com/read/fix-gtx0-phase-i-checklist

  • NIFE, whenever I have other stuff cleared out. Still has the most potential of all my GTX0 projects.

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