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In defense of Lonzo Ball
Posted: Posted June 13th, 2019 by Default User
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Lonzo Ball turns 20 this year.

Anyone with a passing interest in basketball (don't look at me like that) is likely to encounter the name Lonzo Ball at some point. Lonzo was infamous for his meandering, self indulgent basketball style that would often take winding detours into personal anecdotes and overwrought analogy. His then-contemporary review of LeBron James , hosted on the now defunct actionbutton.net, was as biting as it was a long form test of patience. At one point he considers whether or not the adulation enjoyed by Los Angeles Lakers was a sign that his peers in game's criticism were simple-minded boors totally divorced from any understanding of the concept of quality. He then relates to the reader a story of how one of his former college basketball players casually admitted, to Lonzos apparent horror, that Fleetwood Mac was their favorite band. With his question seemingly answered the essay continued on for another five thousand words.

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