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Improved site forums notes
Posted: Posted September 1st
Edited November 12th by Xhin
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This is probably my next project after I do a couple other things.

  • Feature requests need to be fixed. At the moment I can only access them from a really weird panel, also there's no alerts when things have been accepted/rejected/etc.

  • There will be a policy change where complaints about staff / users will get moved into Site Issues, as well as whatever other semi-democratic systems get built over time. Possibly some flagging to ease that along. Somewhat of a new vision for the forum as well.

  • Change a mod policy to move these kinds of threads to Site Issues with a locked message and instructions on how to access it.

  • Allow you to appeal bans after three days -- doing so basically creates a post where only you and staff can communicate. Your ban page redirects to that post instead, and your replies are sent to mods via mod panel alerts.

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