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Improved site forums notes
Posted: Posted September 1st
Edited September 9th by Xhin
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This is probably my next project after I do a couple other things.

  • Feature requests need to be fixed. At the moment I can only access them from a really weird panel, also there's no alerts when things have been accepted/rejected/etc.

  • Requests also needs to be integrated into the site -- this was originally planned but I couldn't figure out where to put it, however I'm doing a lot of organizational revamping which will make it a lot easier.

  • The bug report area needs to stand out somewhat better. Maybe add a link in the Help menu as well.

  • Feedback will have the disclaimer system attached to it. There will be a policy change where complaints about staff / users will get moved into there, as well as whatever other semi-democratic systems get built over time. Possibly some flagging to ease that along. Also a name change, somewhat of a new vision for the forum as well.

    Long story short, it gets the occasional madness associated with GTX0 out of public view. If you like complaining about the way things are run, you can still do that but it won't drag the rest of the site down. Things that go way off the rails will still have the current policy (lock, tag, short bans as needed) -- however having the disclaimer system will make it so that if the mods aren't around, it still won't bleed over onto the rest of the site.

  • Change a mod policy to move these kinds of threads to feedback with a locked message and instructions on how to access it.

  • Allow you to unsign a disclaimer for this forum and world (and any disclaimer system for that matter).

  • Allow you to appeal bans -- doing so basically creates a post where only you and staff can communicate. Your ban page redirects to that post instead, and your replies are sent to mods via mod panel alerts.

  • Stick the roadmap forum in the footer. Honestly there's a lot of things I want to do with the footer, but this will at least clear out that last link.

  • Make it easier to swap between hottest posts / newest posts / newest replies in the newest replies forum, then kill off that row.

  • Throw the NIFE forums just wherever for now in their associated panels, and kill that row as well.

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