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Images from GTX0's Vault
Posted: Posted October 13th, 2018 by Xhin
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So as part of my cleaning process, I'm dumping the images folder. Here are some interesting / maybe nostalgic things I found there:

GTX0 apparently had a st. patty's day logo once.

A long time ago I made it so that these would randomly appear somewhere random on posts around christmas. It was annoying, so there was an option to double-click one to kill off all of them.

GTX0 had a video game character that would peek out from the top bar of the site at one time. The actual video game character would vary. On Halloween I made it instead show the Cheshire cat.

Similar concept here. This replaced the "familiar faces" image at the top, back when that feature was a thing.

Back when there was a ninja forum and a shadows forum, they each had a corresponding sword underneath the forum title. Those forums were opposed for some reason.

Needs no explanation.

A boss from pyromania, which was the sequel to the pumpkin game, which I should probably bring back this year for kicks.

Winners from some contest for something or the other. All I remember is they had to post a picture of them giving a thumbs-up with GTX0 in the background.

I have no idea why these are a thing.

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