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I'm working on a game. It's an open alpha if you want to try it out while I work on it.
Posted: Posted April 28th
Edited April 28th by Xhin


  • You can't currently save the game. Whenever you refresh or reseed, all your progress is lost. Don't get too invested in anything.

  • There will probably be weird bugs until I rehaul the codebase. I do know that discoveries are currently buggy ever since I added biomes and caves.

  • I'll be working on it intermittently (going to try to start doing it daily or every other day, along with NIFE) adding various new features which I'll post here. These features might be broken and/or might break other stuff.

  • I guess the point of making this an alpha is so other people can experiment with it while I implement various stuff. I'll try to make it stable enough for that.

    Basic Stuff
  • The game procedurally generates a landscape, which I've posted about here:
    http://gtx0.com/read/some-procedural-generation-ive-been-making-video http://gtx0.com/read/procedural-generation-can-sometimes-give-some-crazy-unexpected-results
  • The landscape is generated with a three-color palette. One of those colors will be "solid" (which means you and non-flying animals can't move through it). There will also be some random "resources" which are almost always a different color than what's in the palette.

    How to play

  • You are the O.

  • Use the arrow keys to move up, down, left and right. You can also hold these keys down. You can't move through solid stuff. When you move, the landscape will just scroll around you.

  • Press the shift key to move down a dimension, or press the spacebar to move up a dimension. You can do this without restrictions or limits (and this is something that's staying in the final game).

  • If you get stuck, start out surrounded by solids, or want to get past a barrier, you can move down a dimension and then move back up, or vice-versa. It's a useful traveling technique.

  • If you press z and then a direction, you'll move two spaces in that direction. You can also press z 2 times and move three spaces in that direction, and so on. Useful for skipping over solid tiles.

  • If you press x, then when you move you move 2 spaces and can move through walls. Useful for surveying an area. Press x again to exit this mode. Also there are some bugs here -- nothing game-breaking but you might quit moving fast randomly. Just press x twice to fix it.

  • There's a big "Reseed" button down at the bottom of the page. This will change the entire universe.


  • Step on a space that's colored differently from everything else to "collect" that resource.

  • At the moment, this can either be a "coin" in one of 5 currencies or a "shop" where you can buy and sell various random crap. (more on that in the Trading section). Coins are usually between 1-2 in that currency, but occasionally you'll get something worth 5 and even rarer you'll get something worth 20 or so.

  • Once you collect a resource, it disappears, which unfortunately means that you'll have to find another shop with the same color if you want to buy/sell stuff there again.

  • Resources are also palletized -- at the moment, normal dimensions have between 3-5 resources, while Cities have 5-10 and Troves have 10-15.

  • Any resource you discover will go into the "Discoveries" list which will load whenever you visit that dimension again.

  • If you're lazy, you can press M and it'll scan all the discoveries in the dimension for you. This currently doesn't have any limits, but will at some point.


  • When you're on a buy shop, you'll see some amount of random crap to buy. Click "Buy" to buy it. You'll have to keep clicking it if you want to buy more than one of that item.

  • When you're on a sell shop, you can sell any item in your inventory. Again, you'll have to keep clicking "Sell" to sell it.

  • The value of a piece of random crap varies depending on the dimension's currency. So you'll need at least two buy shops and two sell shops to set up something profitable, and that's even assuming you can afford some smaller items in the first place.

  • On any deal, you can click "Jot" which will then rename that shop to that deal in your discoveries list. Useful if you're trying to set up something profitable.

    Building stuff

    At the moment, this serves no purpose unless you're trying to trap an animal or clear out a path through solid stuff. I'll be working on it some more over time (see the planned features reply below).

  • Press Q and a direction to add the color in that direction to either your "floor paintbrush" or your "wall paintbrush" depending on whether it's solid or not. You can see these colors in your inventory, in the two circles after "Paint".

  • Press W and a direction to paint a solid wall in that direction.

  • Press E and a direction to paint a floor in that direction.

  • Press D and a direction to paint a "Door" in that direction. A door has to be bordered north and south by a wall you've placed and east and west by a floor you've placed, or north and south by a floor you've placed and east and west by a wall you've placed. A door appears as a gradient based on what's around it and you can walk on it as though it were a floor.

  • Press P and a direction to place a Portal. At the moment all a portal does is teleports you to dimension -5 and pretty close to the origin. Maybe useful if you want to get back to the origin without refreshing and losing all your progress, but probably not.

    Dimension types, biomes and caves

    You can see whether a dimension is a "Trove" or a "City" next to its number.

  • "Cities" have a black/white/gray palette and have fewer coins (which are also only worth 1-2 always) but more shops of both kinds. The terrain also generates differently.

  • "Troves" have more resources, but a larger color palette which makes them confusing to find. The terrain also generates a bit differently.

  • If you move onto a blurry-ball looking thing you go down into a cave. Caves are smaller, grayscale (sometimes confusingly so) and generate differently. They also have different resources. In a cave you can press the spacebar to go back to the main world, or find another blurry-ball looking thing to go down a cave level (you can't press shift). There are some differences below level 5 if you can make it down that far.

  • On non-trove non-city dimensions, every 300 tiles you'll enter into a new "biome" where things generate differently.


    This is the featureset I'm currently working on so it'll change a lot over time.

  • When you're in Dimension 0, some symbols/letters will randomly spawn and move around in different ways. Nothing you can really do with them right now, though if you wanted to you could try to trap them (the ! is particularly hard to trap).

    Point of this post

  • I guess play around with it if you want. I'm going to be adding things over time and posting updates here.

  • If you see any generation you like (that isn't on a Trove, Cave or City), there are some numbers and symbols at the bottom of the map. Copy those down and post them here with maybe a picture and seed/dimension and I'll try to favor good generation like that.

    In my next reply, I'll outline what I want to do with the game / am working towards.

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    Upcoming stuff

    Here's a list of stuff I'm working on to turn the game into more of a beta:


  • Each dimension will have a "palette" of different animals that'll spawn. All their properties are randomized -- how they move, their attacks, how much health they have, whether they can fly over solids, etc.

  • Different biomes in a dimension will take those animals and tweak them slightly in various ways.

  • Caves should have harder animals.

    Weapons-based Combat

  • Axes allow you to hit things next to you (or diagonally next to you) and can be thrown with a short range. You can also carry 3 of them so you're not completely crippled if you throw one.

  • Swords let you hit things around you in a circle or partial circle, maybe with a 1-tile range. More useful for close combat.

  • Spears you can hit things orthogonally with a higher range than swords. You can also throw them and deal more damage than with axes.

  • Staffs let you hit things in a spear-like or sword-like way and stun them or knock them back.

    There are also various enchantments tied to the weapon that can let you do things like recall a thrown axe, smash something into a wall for a bunch of damage, stun things next to a thrown spear, etc.

    Magic-based combat

  • This gives you ranged attacks, however the range and the directions it can go vary depending on the gem and its upgrades.

  • You can also have bomb-like attacks where you throw it somewhere and then there's an explosion that damages things in some other radius or set of directions.

  • Or repeating attacks that will arc out from hitting an enemy and hit other enemies

  • Maybe attacks that bounce off walls at different angles. Or go over walls.

    Resource gathering

    You can either gather a resource for fuel (currently this is what the currency system is doing), or if you've repaired/recfueled your Extractor, gather the base resource itself. Resources on the surface are typically plants, animal stuff, fungi, rocks, etc, while in caves they're typically metal ores or gems.

    Sometimes better resources are tiered -- you'll need to find something else in the dimension and craft it into a tool that can help you harvest it. That tool is more like a key -- it doesn't break or take up inventory space or anything. This tiered system is dimension-specific -- go somewhere else and you'll have a different set of tiers to work with.


    Instead of having fixed resources and fixed recipes, you'll instead have randomly generated resources with randomly generated properties and a very free alchemy-like system for putting them together.

    Metals for example, you can alloy any metal to any other metal (or combination) to get favorable properties from both. You can melt down your weapons and armor and reforge them from new alloys to get new properties/enchantments/etc.

    You can also build various types of machinery out of rocks/clay/metal in a base to extract things from different resources. I haven't quite worked out all the details of this, but there will be a decent balance between randomness and palettization so you have flexibility and differences between dimensions but aren't just randomly putting things together.

    Magic system

    Gems have some kind of spell in them -- what they do, how they do it, their range and movement, as well as a few paths for upgrading them. You can either cast a spell with your own personal mana or you can use the gem itself, depleting its charge somewhat. If it gets totally depleted you can't use it at all and have to recharge it somewhere (haven't figured that system out yet).

    When you get a new gem, you can either keep it and use it as whatever spell it came with, or absorb it into a gem you already own and upgrade your gem along one of its upgrade paths.

    More to come

  • Posted April 28th by Xhin
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