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I'm thinking about registering a domain name for NIFE. Feedback needed
Posted: Posted January 31st by Xhin

Some available ones:

  • -- kind of like this because it fits the theme of short domains with a number.
  • -- very short
  • -- accurate
  • -- hilarious

    Having a domain would make the NIFE portion of the site more separate from gtx0 as well as shorten urls:

    htt p://

    What are your thoughts?

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    There are 10 Replies


    Posted January 31st by Xhin
    Fractal icious is p funny ^.^

    i def get the advantages of registering another domain do you think it will be harder or easier to advertise both nife and gtx0 if nife has a separate domain? or no effect maybe?

    Posted January 31st by susurrous

    I thought the idea behind NIFE was to attract more people to this site.

    Posted January 31st by chiefsonny

    NIFE would still be linked to GTX0 as far as discussions and account-type stuff goes. Any kind of advertising for NIFE is going to bring people to GTX0 as well. It's a bit like how google has gmail.. definitely its own thing but linked up with google stuff all the same.

    Having a separate domain would give nife better recognition. People could drop NIFE links and it should immediately be obvious what it is (which is why I'm kinda leaning towards .games). This would be an advantage during advertising campaigns -- people can understand something like "" better than "".

    Posted February 1st by Xhin
    Fractal icious

    the advertising question was the only one i had! (minus maybe if you need help w the cost of a new domain?) idk if it matters but i would also be leaning toward .games :)

    Posted February 1st by susurrous

    Yeah .games seems like the best option. It also seems to be the cheapest.

    Posted February 1st by Xhin
    Fractal icious

    nice ^.^

    Posted February 1st by susurrous -- As a rule if I saw a URL with numbers in the place of letters I wouldn't even consider looking at the site. So n1fe.domain of any variation I would be against. -- It's short but doesn't really grab me. -- Of the ones listed it makes the most sense to go with it. So this is my preferred one of what is listed. -- Rolls off the tongue easy & sorta catchy but I am not a fan of wrongly used domains. If you're gonna go with .life then the site it goes to should be about life/health/something relevant. So no I don't like this one.

    Posted February 1st by Moonray

    I agree with Moonray. [] is the best because nife is all about games.

    Posted February 1st by Vandy
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