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I'm having trouble getting Red Dead Redemption 2 to start playing and save or load games
Posted: Posted April 9th by Welsh_Gamer

I have Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox One.

This keeps appearing when I'm starting the game in the first place:

And this appears when I try to load a game or save a game while actually playing the game after I've managed to get into playing the game:

Its really annoying me that I can't play the game properly. What can I do to resolve this without losing all the stuff I've installed? or losing any of my save data or game sharing information?

Do I need to clear the cache? Please help me. Do any of you know what to do to resolve this issue?

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Did you clear your local saved games? If that doesn’t work, try completely deleting all RDR2 data off of your X1’s HDD and then reinstall all the game data. It’s possible something corrupted during the install process.

Posted April 9th by Q

I did uninstall all RDR2 from my Xbox and then re-installed it again but it still wouldn't work.

On that screen where it says "Go to Settings", when I choose that option. It takes me to this screen here.

I don't know if I should choose any of those reset options because I don't want anything to be messed about.

I want to keep the games I've installed including the ones I've been game sharing including the EA access and Game Pass games.

I've been reading what it says on this webpage for example:

Edited April 10th by Welsh_Gamer

Delete System32

Posted April 10th by Jim

Definitely mess with regedit.

Posted April 10th by Renzokuken

Welsh, are you using an external hard drive?

Posted April 10th by Q

Yeah I am, how come?

Posted April 10th by Welsh_Gamer

Try changing the install location to the internal hard drive.

Posted April 10th by Q

Of RDR2? I'll do it now.

I usually prefer using the External Hard Drive because it loads things quicker. But if using the internal is the only way to get RDR2 working then I have no choice

Edited April 10th by Welsh_Gamer

I tried installing it on my internal hard drive and its still doing the same thing.

Is there any way how to actually get this Red Dead Redemption 2 working properly without ruining anything on my Xbox?

Posted April 11th by Welsh_Gamer

You may need to factory reset the xbox. But at least your save games will stay in the cloud.

Edited April 11th by Renzokuken

Renzokuken, I might lose my game sharing if I did that, wouldn't I? I can't contact the person who I'm game sharing with either.

Edited April 11th by Welsh_Gamer

Please read what's on this webpage:
Give me your opinions about it. Or see if you can find some similar information.

What should I do? Do a factory reset on my Xbox and risk losing my game sharing privileges just to play Red Dead Redemption 2?

Or leave things the way they are and never get to enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2?

I have a lot of decent games for free through the game sharing and I wouldn't want to lose the privileges.

Posted April 11th by Welsh_Gamer

Borrow/Rent a second xbox one.

Posted April 11th by Renzokuken

"Or leave things the way they are and never get to enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2?"

Hold on, try what this guy suggests in this video:

Posted April 12th by Q

Thanks I managed to get it working.

While I was trying to use the video to sort things out, it didn't work but then I realised something.

I had to manually go to Settings > System > Storage > Clear local saved games

That had confused me before because whenever I clicked settings on that notification screen that kept appearing, it kept taking me to the factory reset options for some weird reason (it was taking me to the wrong screen)

And before I had deleted the reserved space in the RDR2 management in the game library thinking it was something to do with the local saved game.

It was a simple thing the whole time, but because that damn notification kept taking me to the wrong screen. (factory reset) It made me worry and think things would be over complicated.

I'm actually surprised I didn't notice this simple fix in the first place. I have been doing all sorts of hard resets and network disconnections.

Thanks very much for the help everyone!

Posted April 14th by Welsh_Gamer

"It was a simple thing the whole time,"

It's always the simple fixes that are the hardest to figure out.

Posted April 15th by Q
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