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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

I thought while this site was down, we could relive some of our fond memories from GT, and how... Uh... Unique it was. And if you get triggered, no offense, but I think just about everyone here knows you're not like this anymore. If you are, please, take Michael Jordan's advice: "Stop it. Get some help."

Here we have, a typical example of what Complaints was like. Miss it? I sure do.

The old moderator profiles. This one belonged to spelldragon. His favorite quotes are indicative of the hidden intelligence that gametalk held, but, for some reason, was not shared by all. At least, at all times.

And in this exhibit, we have everyone talking about the game in focus.

And the extra special "wait a minute, if someone did what i'm accusing them of, how would i accuse them?"

Not every forum was a mess. Some were just dead.

Not indicative of gametalk, aside from the fact that dialup affected your ability to hold a debate effectively.

@Ophelia: Hey, i found you.

Notice how certain topics had alot, and others had very little attention. You'd think some of us would try harder, but, I never got the picture.

Oh hey, remember this guy?

Oh, hey, and everyone had a sense of self-deprecating humor.

Don't worry, we'll be back.

And we occasionally had the weird rules, that had more to do with the backend of the site than user actions.

Vwala! It is fixed! We can finally stop complaining which makes the problem more difficult to solve.

Oh, and there's Bernie. No one loved Mr. Sanders back then, either.

I promise, we'll be back. We always have been before!

Ok, don't argue with me.

We still managed to personify something just so we could hate it all the more.

Sad thing is, I found myself posting under other names 'cause i was so desperate for attention. But I was unable to find any posts under any of the names i used frequently. What you saw above were highlights of me trying to do so.

There are 6 Replies

Here we have, a typical example of what Complaints was like.

Only two posts about being banned from pointless? Hardly typical.

Posted October 19th, 2017 by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

well, typical for april fool's day

Posted October 19th, 2017 by Kohlrak

Well if you look at 05-06 stuff I think you can find me yelling at denida about lifting a IP ban while still having 4 seperate name bans. Good times.

Edited October 19th, 2017 by Elite

It was so dysfunctional, yet wonderful in it's own special way.

Posted October 19th, 2017 by Kohlrak

Spelldragon was awesome

I miss that guy

Posted November 30th, 2017 by GP-

Sort of random, but I held a long grudge against you, GP, even though I barely if ever talked to you. Haha.

Posted November 30th, 2017 by Agis
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