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Idea for a Paper Mario spiritual successor
Posted: Posted May 1st, 2016
Edited May 3rd, 2016 by Blake

Project Origami

This is a spiritual successor to the Paper Mario series. Due to the fact that many fans are angry with the reveal trailer of the latest Paper Mario game, Color Splash; Any hope for the series going back to its roots is next to nothing at this point.

Here's my idea for a spiritual successor to the Paper Mario series. It’s kinda inspired by Yooka-Laylee and Undertale.


Okay like TTYD, the story will be an epic one about saving the world. I have not decided who the antagonist will be but I'll probably someone similar to Grodus and Count Bleck.


Instead of an Italian plumber, why not some French guy? I know that's pretty close to Mario but then again, this is a spiritual successor to his games, after all.


Just like in PM64 and TTYD, there are 8 partners, one of which is optional. They allow you to use their abilities outside of battle to advance through the game or reach unreachable items and passageways.

1st partner: A partner similar to Goombario, Goombella, and Tippi that gives you information about towns, people, and objects and also reveals enemies' HP, Attack, and Defense.

2nd partner: A partner that allows you to catapult up to otherwise unreachable areas.

3rd partner: A partner that allows you run, smashing otherwise unbreakable objects and walls.

4th partner: A partner that allows you to bomb walls with cracks in them, revealing hidden passageways and rooms, similar to Bombette, Bobbery, and Boomer.

5th partner: A partner that can makes you invisible to enemies, similar to Lady Bow and Vivian.

6th partner: A partner that can sing a tune that will open doors, similar to Piccolo.

7th partner: A partner that can get you across spikes and lava by flying, similar to Parakerry, Lakilester, Yoshi Kid, and Carrie.

8th partner: An optional partner that reveals hidden items and objects similar to Watt, Ms. Mowz, and Tippi.


Similar to badges from PM64 and TTYD and cards from SPM, they allow you to use special attacks and moves, increase you or your partner's HP and SP, detect hidden coins, buried underground and so on. Unlike in PM and TTYD where only certain badges can be equipped for partners, Both you and partners can wear any of them.

Leveling up

Exp. comes in the style of a gauge that goes from 1-100. At 100, you can upgrade your HP, SP, or RP. You start out with 20 HP, 10 SP, and 3 RP.

The Tower of 100 Tests

Like the Pit of 100 Trials from TTYD and SPM. You must climb an optional 100 story dungeon where you battle countless enemies, which each floor harder than the last. Every 10 floors also have a chest that contains rings or rare items. The 100th floor also had a boss that is harder than the final boss. Beating the boss will give you two special extremely rare rings; one that increases you or your partner's attack power by 5 and drops you or your partner's defense power by 5, and the other that increase you or your defense power by 5 and drops you or your partner's attack power by 5. They both cannot be worn at once.


Healing items increase your HP/SP by 20, 50, or all, items that revive you and your partner if you or them die, one version revives 1/2 of your HP and the other revives all of it, attack items, defense items, and items that have special abilities like scaring off enemies and enemies, ones that increase your attack and/or defense power.


There will be plenty of them as well as recipes from the first three Paper Mario games and a help center, similar to the ones in the first two Paper Mario games.


Similar to the ones in the first three Paper Mario games, you can play mini games and win tokens and redeem them for prizes.


Crystals come in three different types. Ones that allow you to buy items and rings, ones that can upgrade your partner's moves, and ones that can be traded for rings, and ones that are used for learning new special moves.

Green crystals: Acts as the game's currency. Can buy items and rings with and other stuff.

Blue crystals: These can be traded in for rings

Red crystals: Ever 5 red crystals can used to upgrade partners, giving them new moves.

Yellow crystals: Used for learning new special moves.


Each chapter, including the prelude has bosses. There also opinion ones and of course, the final boss of the game.

Special abilities

You can find five special abilities. They act similar to the paper curses from TTYD. They require at least 3 yellow crystals for move to be learned.

Hammer and gloves

Similar to the hammer and boot upgrades from PM64 and TTYD. There are three versions of the hammers and gloves.

Hammer: allows you to smash rocks.

Gloves: Allows you to pick up heavy objects and throw them, revealing secret passageways or access areas, blocked by rocks.


After the first seven chapters, you can play as other characters, just like in PM64, TTYD, and SPM. In fact, there are two intermissions, like in TTYD and SPM (to some extent).

There are 2 Replies

Damn...sounds bloody amazing. I'd play this in a heartbeat. It's a pity Nintendo can't seem to think of these types of ideas anymore -- nowadays they just fill the game with Toads and abuse one single gimmick and call it done.

Posted May 2nd, 2016 by Black Yoshi

Yeah I wish I was a game designer. When I was 15, I really was fascinated in being a game designer. Why I graduated from high school back in '07, I didn't go to College, sadly. Math was my worst subject. I excelled more in history than I did math. I would really like to make a spiritual successor to Paper Mario and I hope Yooka-Laylee does great.

Edited May 3rd, 2016 by Blake
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