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I Won a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament for the First Time!
Posted: Posted January 1st by Laxan

I went to a local tournament and stuck with Cloud, Lucario, and Shulk as my mains for the event.

I ended up 3-stocking a lot of people and didn't lose a single match in the tournament.

Grand Finals was my Cloud versus King K. Rool, and I came out on top!

I'm very happy about this. I've never won a tournament before...

My prize was a Gamestop gift card. I think, even after I've spent the money, I'll keep the card as my first tourney win memento.

Admittedly, the tournament was kind of jank. There were no "best of 3" matches and, gah! I complained a lot and I hope they listen and do best of 3 and actually make a losers and winners bracket next time. I guess it was a casual tourney, but still no items and all that stuff.

Anybody wanna play online for fun sometime?

Um...how do we share IDs for this game?

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I guess they didn't want to devote a long time to it (especially if there were lots of entrants, or if they made the rules thinking there might be).

and you have a few choices:

  • make sure your accounts are connected so that it'll suggest you become Switch buds with people you have friended over Wii U/3DS/social media

  • meet up online (randomly, through a mutual friend, or by making an arena and sharing its code with the friend in question) and use the "people I've played with" tab to friend request them afterward

  • one of you share the friend code that's displayed in your profile so the other can send a friend request

    6100-4933-0242 is me btw

  • Posted January 1st by Pirate_Ninja

    It was probably a casual tourney is my guess. That or you're better than you're giving yourself credit for.

    My FC is SW-1981-3111-6142

    I'd be down to play sometime, but I am not the most experienced in Smash (haven't even taken to learning stuff since Melee). I have gotten practice with my main at least (Mega Man in this case).

    Posted January 1st by Forte Lambardi

    My friend code is 7587-4737-4581

    I sent both of you a friend request. Hope to get a response from you soon!

    Posted January 3rd by Laxan

    Now.... When do we Smash?

    Posted January 4th by Laxan

    good question, when are you typically around?

    I usually go on late in the evening (maybe 9:00 on, east coast), and then maybe other times when I have the time and desire

    given that someone decided it wasn't really important for switch users to communicate with their friends, you could try a shoutout either here or on discord if you use it

    (also while you're here I thought I'd let you know I'm like 4/5 of the way through your demo questionnaire, given that I'd like to actually provide constructive answers beyond "3 out of 5 it's okay" - I should have it back to you soon)

    Posted January 4th by Pirate_Ninja

    I get off work at 11 PM on the east coast and am off on Saturdays and Sundays. Any time you want.

    I have a discord. But I'll probably give a shoutout on here.

    (Great! I can't wait to read what you thought of the demo, Pirate_Ninja! Thank you!)

    Posted January 5th by Laxan
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