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I want to do something for this site's 10th birthday in a month and ten days
Posted: Posted August 15th by Xhin
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Idk what yet, maybe costumes v2 or something. It's a pretty big milestone.

Any ideas?

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Whatever we do, we should pay tribute to weid and susurrous and the others.

Posted August 15th by Black Yoshi
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Wow. This site's been around for a lot longer than I remembered. I thought it had only been 3-4 years. MAYBE 5-6. When I saw this, I thought maybe I had just found this after it had been up for a few years, but I looked back through the history of the Axem Forum, and I can see that I made my first post back in January of 2011.

Posted August 16th by Axem Great Water
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So, you’re giving us the standard 40-day warning?

Posted August 16th by chiarizio
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Holy shit. It's been 10 years? So like 12 since original GT imploded?

Posted August 16th by Elite
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Gt imploded around june 2008. I was technically working on gtx0 in june 2009 but didn't actually release a v1 until september 25th, 2009. So yeah it's been around a long long looooooong time.

Posted August 16th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

I remember you having another forum, but I forgot what it was called. It was a site you started with a friend and you were using that in the meantime while you were learning coding to make GTX0.

Posted August 16th by Jubei
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This path is one that I have chosen myself

Yeah it was a forum called xabylon. Trying to customize it to make a kind of forum-based game is how I learned web coding in the first place. When GT went down, I made several GT forums and coded up an interface that looked like GT but went into the mybb database correctly. It was so popular I ended up turning it into gtx0.

To this day there are parts of the database and parts of the code that make sense if you're working with mybb.

Edited August 16th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

congratulations to you xhin and to us all

Posted August 17th by EN
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Ahh yes, Xabylon. I wasn't familiar with any of the other clones, except GTrestoration which was made by Thesus/Daniel. that site emerged in early 2009, I used it for a while, till it disappeared after it lost traffic to GTX0.

Posted August 17th by Unlimited MGTOW
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Unlimited MGTOW
Limitless Freedom
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