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I think I found our next website absorption target
Posted: Posted March 18th
Edited March 18th by Xhin
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  • Already has a dark theme with cyan backgrounds and yellow text (this is a huge plus)

  • The website is only a forum. No file hosting or anything crazy needed.

  • No ads, and a custom domain name. Someone is losing money somewhere.

  • A bit of custom team-phoenix/merit-like stuff. This is actually an advantage, because communities that have stuff like that should appreciate being able to tweak their platform more.

  • Basically dead, but there are some recent posts including a few from today. (Activity level is somewhere between conworlds pre-merge and current GTX0).

  • Lots of lurkers

  • Gaming-themed forum, specifically mario games. A bit of roleplaying / NIFE-like stuff as well.

    I went ahead and registered there. I'm going to research the community a bit more and come up with some kind of pitch. In the meantime, you can check out the site here:

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