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I think Halo will get big news at E3 2018
Posted: Posted June 7th, 2018 by Vandy

Many were disappointed that we did not get Halo 6 news last year since going by previous titles, that's about when we would normally get some sort of announcement. Many expected an announcement at last year's E3 and would have expected the game this year as each main title has been three years apart (except Reach to 4 was two years). But there was no Halo at E3 2017. What do you think we will get this year from Halo at E3 2018? I think the Halo community is in store for some good news this year. Here's what I think:


If you've been following the Halo community this year, you know that 343 have been beefing up the MCC, which is great but odd at the same time after seemingly abandoning it for three years. Recently there have been rumors that a title "Halo Infinity" will be revealed at E3. I'm wondering if this could be a rebranding of the MCC into something more.
There was an interesting comment in the most recent MCC update on the Halo waypoint:

MCC is a large game, jam packed with content (and it could even grow more in the future)

Adding Reach into the MCC has been one of the most requested features for MCC and 343 have acknowledged it in the past. I think it's a possibility. I could see Reach being added this year and maybe a few years later (after Halo 6 releases) Halo 5 being added into this new "Halo Infinity." Basically I think the MCC could turn into a central hub of older Halo titles. This is also supported by the new ability (they call it intelligent delivery) to install individual titles of the MCC and not having to install the entire game. As below:

It's a bit of a stretch. But I think there is a bigger reason for 343 to dig up the MCC from its grave this year. It has to be more than just an updated UI and fixing its bugs.


In conclusion I think we will get a big announcement regarding the future of the MCC or "Halo Infinity" and we will also get a Halo 6 reveal trailer (no gameplay) with a targeted release for Fall 2019.

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