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I recently started working nights
Posted: Posted June 21st by Vandy
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I work three twelve-hour shifts per week. I try to group them together three nights in a row. I've been surprised that I don't get very tired at work, but that's probably because work is usually extremely busy and stressful for me so my body doesn't really get an opportunity to start shutting down. I just snack on stuff throughout my shift instead of taking a 30 minute lunch break. I've found that eating periodically helps keep me awake too. I've also been able to sleep at home during the day without much issue. I have blackout curtains, a loud tower fan next to my bed and I use my google home to play white noise.

I'll be doing this for at least probably two years. For as long as I work in the ICU I intend to stay on nights. As busy as it is, it's still more calm and a slower pace than what goes on during the days. Gosh it's crazy. No, but thanks.

My only real concern with nights is how it will affect my relationship with my wife. During the first few weeks she has been doing a lot more of the work needed around the house. I need to figure out what things I can do while up at night to pull my own weight.

Anyway that's my life update.

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My exes mom is a Charge Nurse for that voluntarily worked nights. She has done it for a good 15+ years she would do a lot of the cooking before or after work along with laundry and all that good stuff.

Posted June 21st by S.OH.
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I feel you, man. This week I'm going to start working 3rd shift at a juvenile psychiatric ward. I'm hopeful to make 1st shift relatively soon, as it's a new program and no one has worked for more than 4 months... So shifts are bound to change. But even if I don't, I want to try to stay for at least 3 years for a pretty sweet vested retirement account.

I'm worried mostly about my relationship with my spouse. He's a great co-parent, and totally down to take on more responsibilities, but it is absolutely going to change our dynamic.

My advice to you, is to get a crock pot. Let it do the cooking; set it up before you go to bed. It will definitely take a load off your spouse's shoulders.

Posted June 21st by Aviatrix
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When I tried, I found my wife preferred I only do the things I could do quietly, and sort-of quickly. Otherwise I’d disturb her sleep.

Posted Monday by chiarizio
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