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The type of person who enjoys other people play games/ review games/ and talk about their game collections/ new game pick ups.

Right now I am kicking back and watching the newest pick ups video by Metal Jesus Rocks. I enjoy activities like this. I havent ventured off into watching Lets plays just yet but I feel that I would enjoy them more than playing the actual game.

Does any one feel them same way? Or am I just nuts.

The last game I beat and enjoyed was Resident Evil 2 remake. Before that I forced my self to drudge through Spiderman and God of War. The last game that I beat and enjoyed before those two was Breath of the Wild.

Even now my newest purchase, snes classic, has been gathering dust along side my vita. I think Ive spent more time watching videos of both consoles and thier games than I have playing them.

In a nutshell I really still enjoying "gaming culture" (is this the right word?) in general but I dont have as much interest with sitting down and playing a game. (Unless it is something that I have been a fan of or if it caught my interest)

If I have to choose between a night of watching a new Metal Jesus video or playing a game I will kick back and choose the former. D:

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I don't lack for motivation to play games, but I do my share of reveling in the culture of it as well.

Being something of a freak for boxed copies of old games, I am not ashamed to admit that I have watched videos of people doing nothing more than showing off their collection (which is somehow always more impressive than my own!) and giving the backstory as to the game's historical significance, what makes it worth preserving, and what it means to them.

Sometimes the answer to that last point - as is the case for my copy of Crystal Warriors - is that the box art is killer and I wanted to see it whenever I entered my game room.

This is once of those fleeting instances, and I can feel PN's scorn from here, when the American box art was superior to the Japanese. JRPGs of the '90s tended to replace the colorful anime girls with stock "western" fantasy art when it came overseas, but this is a case where it's tastefully done and I think it looks great.

Ogre Battle 64 is unfortunately far more in line with expectations. I should really be displaying something else.

Posted April 6th by Famov

hello I heard my name

googled the box art for that game and lol @ the shitty western version

yours looks eye-catching and fun and I can see why you'd like to display it

Posted April 6th by Pirate_Ninja

Damn Famov, nice Ogre Battle CIB. Those go for over $100. Very nice collection you have there.

Posted April 7th by Q

...Or am I just nuts.

Not at all. I have watched all sorts of games/reviews/opinons and never picked up the game. The Yakuza series is case and point.

I also like listening to people's opinions about random things also even if I am not much into them myself. There was this podcast I listened to alot called Retro Domination and it was pretty enjoyable to listen to them get into vintage games that I've never seen before.

Posted April 7th by Forte Lambardi
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