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I miss this place
Posted: Posted August 22nd by tooie~playa
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Did everyone grow up?
Family? Career? Further weeb-dom?

I became a clinical lab scientist and still think Banjo Tooie needs to be remade.

Posted August 22nd by tooie~playa
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Your name is familiar but I can't quite recall. Welcome back at any rate. You look much happier about your job than I am about mine.

Posted August 22nd by Aviatrix
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Welcome back.

Not sure I recognize your name, but still good to have you here.
And congrats on the career.

Guess most of us did grow up somehow. Lol

Posted August 22nd by Weird Occurance
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Nice to see you are doing good Tooie

Posted August 22nd by S.O.H.
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Meh, gotta smile through the grind some days.
Life isn't horrible though!

Some of my fondest memories include idolizing spaceman99 disliking Denida.

S.O.H. I remember your name! Hope you're doing well. Glad to see you here, too.

Posted August 23rd by tooie~playa
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Makes sense, glad you're continuing to smile!

My fondest teenage memories were from GT lol sometimes wish this place bustled like the old site.

Posted August 24th by Weird Occurance
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I miss it too. just doesn't feel like home anymore.

Have some fond memroies of those days for sure.

Edited August 24th by tnu
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