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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.

i am privileged to have met you and to have
found this unique little community here :)
not everyone finds a place like this where they can meet online friends w similar interests
or share their thoughts on any topic w spirited individuals they wouldnt have talked to otherwise
it is v rare that i dont enjoy talking to any of you!
you all show different insights abt different things that i love hearing you all bring a lot to the table
so many of you have been the absolute kindest to me and im so forever grateful for your acceptance and patience and assistance
i wish each of you the best and if we dont know each other that well i hope we can get to someday :)

i hope youre doing well when you read this and that your day or week brings you good things :)

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Good morning sus I hope you have a good day. I'm glad you're still posting here with us.

Posted February 1st by Vandy

Feel free to come visit me in China.

We can get you a job teaching kids and making a bunch of money.

Posted February 1st by Agis

ty vandy! it means a lot to hear that. do you have classes and a lot of hw and such today?

ty as well agis! i would love to visit you in china that sounds like quite an adventure ^.^

Posted February 1st by susurrous

I have a lot of studying to do for a test next tuesday.

This week has been really stressful because yesterday I had a skills check off where I had to demonstrate putting a nasogastric tube into a manikin and also opening sterile gloves without any contamination. The slightest mistake and you would fail. You get 3 attempts total and if you can't get it done you fail the course completely. But I got through that yesterday morning so I'm feeling good for the moment.

Posted February 1st by Vandy

gl studying for your test! how is the material is it going to be v challenging?

wow that sounds like a v intense situation when the stakes are so high. im glad that you were able to get through it that is just great good job :) i can definitely see why you were so stressed out by it though!

Posted February 1st by susurrous

You're too good.

Posted February 1st by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

is it so hard to type very

Posted February 1st by Brandy

is it so hard to type very

lmao okay, you who uses the letter u to mean the word "you" are really asking that? Is it so hard to use a question mark? You can still understand what sus means.

Also, leave sus alone. He's literally the most harmless member of GT (or tied with weid man).

Posted February 1st by Fox Forever

is it so hard to type very

You really don't need to be talking down to anyone about their grammar, given how unbelievably terrible yours usually is. Even what you have just posted is evidence of this.

Is it so hard to capitalize the first letter of the sentence?

Is it so hard to use quotation marks around "very"?

Is it so hard to end the question with a question mark?

Posted February 1st by nullfather

I agree with nul and fox.

Posted February 1st by S.o.h.

you all are right my bad, been mad all day shouldn't of taken it out on sus ...sorry

Edited February 1st by Brandy

Shouldn't have!

Posted February 1st by Vandy

ty everyone for accepting me and not minding my abbreviations tbh while they started just as a lazy habit i find them p convenient now that i can really only be online using an old slow ipod and can only use one hand to type atm. but if they really bother anyone lmk!!! i will make an effort to try to break the habit whenever we talk :)

Brandy im really sorry to hear you are having a bad day. what are you mad abt?

Posted February 1st by susurrous

long story short, i was told off at work

Posted February 1st by Brandy

oh no that sounds really upsetting im sorry you went through that today! do you want to talk more abt what happened? let us know if there is anything we can do to help you feel better :) if you want to talk in private i have facebook and email dont be afraid to ask

Posted February 1st by susurrous

not really thats why i said long story short lol, but ty for asking.

Posted February 1st by Brandy

thats fair lol i will not pry any further then :) but i do hope you will feel better soon! lmk if you ever need to get anything off your chest you are always welcome to send me a message for any reason

Posted February 1st by susurrous

We can get you a job teaching kids and making a bunch of money.

yes hello. how do I sign up

Posted February 1st by S.O.H.
There are more jobs than available English teachers.

Posted February 1st by Agis

whats the going monthly pay rate?

some of these seem too good to be true.

Posted February 1st by S.O.H.

It depends on a few factors.

For example, kindergartens are the majority of schools that want foreign teachers, because they're private businesses and want a foreigner to draw parents who will sign up. They can also pay pretty well, 12-14,000 yuan a month, which is about $2000. But as you can see there are some that go up to 20,000. These schools also don't really care if you work on a tourist visa or something. But they vary in quality, though.

I always taught at universities, which gave me a proper working visa and a free apartment on the university campus. The hours were also good, only about 20 hours a week versus the 40 which is normal at a training school. The salary is only 6 or 7,000 yuan though.

Salaries also depend a lot on the city you're in. Places like Beijing and Shanghai for example have higher salaries, but living costs are higher.

There are various recruiting companies who will place you in these schools. Gold Star English is one, which I saw post on that website.

Posted February 1st by Agis

Also, a lot of those advertisements you'll see are saying free flights round-trip. This is a bit misleading though. What they mean is, you'll pay for the flight there, and they'll pay you back once you arrive. Or, probably, pay it back included in your first paycheck, which you'll receive a month after you arrive. And when you complete a year contract, you'll buy a ticket, show them the receipt, and they'll reimburse you then.

Posted February 1st by Agis

Sorry I didn’t check this post out till now, I feel guilty already, I’ve been too focused on the spirituality forum lately and trying to help the people there when I really should be helping the people out sitewide and not just trying to help people understand spirituality.

Sus you are the most benevolent user here on gametalk and vandy and fox are as well. Don’t let yourself doen. We all love you here and wish we could help you in your daily life. If let you come live with me if possible. Sister married two years ago and moved out to live with her husband so we have an another room here foto lodge in. I’d buy you an iPhone too. Super easy to text from unlike the iPod, can use both thumbs to text very quickly compared to typing on a computer with four different fingers on each hand.

Soh, agis lives in China now. Tell him what you think about Asian wonen. I don’t want to offend you and you know how vulgar I get and I got banned by Helius a few years ago for not complying with his rules here since I was making openly vulgar posts. Do you want to move to China too? Query told me that many Filipino women happen to somehow find his name and added him but he declined since he doesn’t know them at all, which is totally expected since no one adds total strangers. But do you want me to ask them for their names so that you can talk to them since you told us that you’re very interested in them?

Ok I’ll eje in that note, I don’t want to derail sus’s thread here.

Posted February 2nd by Weid man

sus, you're a treasure

agis, how much chinese should a person be able to speak before taking one of those jobs?

Posted February 2nd by poptart!

That's tough to answer. Knowing Chinese or at least having experience in China would help immeasurably, but the vast majority of people who come here to teach English don't know any.

The schools will meet you at the airport, assign english speaking helpers/co-teachers to help, etc. You'll no doubt pick up words and phrases to help you along in your daily life, if not get really good conversationally, and very good if you practice what little you know and even study it yourself. But many people end up in the expat bubble and not really learning all that much.

In places like Beijing/Shanghai, it's not uncommon for young people to speak at least a bit, so in many situations you can appeal to them for help and they'll oblige because Chinese people are in general very nice and don't like to see a foreigner in distress.

Posted February 2nd by Agis

your english is very good agis.. i had no idea you were chinese. for some reason i thought you from the uk

Posted February 2nd by Brandy

I think Agis is from somewhere else (he certainly looks white, lol) but he's IN China to see his girlfriend, I think. I remember him talking about going over to meet or see her family.

Posted February 2nd by Fox Forever

I think Agis is from somewhere else (he certainly looks white, lol) but he's IN China to see his girlfriend, I think. I remember him talking about going over to meet or see her family.

Do not be fooled by the color of his skin. Have you not heard of the legend of the white child who would grow up to become the greatest ninja master of all time?

Posted February 2nd by S.O.H.



Posted February 2nd by Agis

thank you and your welcome

Posted February 2nd by Brandy

Wait. Was that the dude from the Mortal Kombat movies in The White Ninja with Chris Farley??

Posted February 3rd by Jet Presto

Thanks for loving me, dude.

Posted February 23rd by Kaida

Hi kaida good to see you again

Posted March 16th by GP-
Reply to: i love you ppl of gtx0 <3
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