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I never get tired of cycling through different games and their soundtracks. Currently listening to this Zelda one while I write an extremely boring research paper:

I often listen to Zelda, Halo, Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossing, Ori, and Metroid soundtracks while doing work like this. It makes it a lot more tolerable and it's not distracting without lyrics.

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I wanted the dj to play super smash bros brawl music at my high school’s Prom back in 2008. Apollo wanted me to dance to the song called mona pizza. FOX FOREVER, PIRATE NINJA tell vandy ablut this from the Skype chstfoom thst we were in. Brawl music at prom!

But i’m stone deaf now and can’t rock out to smash bros music anymore. I wanted actuvisuon to put brawl music in guitar hero world tour. Shin onigishima bears the slash guitar duel. Which has better music though, guitar hero 3 or brawl?

Posted September 29th by Weid music

yeah I always preferred working and such while listening to music, and vg soundtracks were often a part of that. I could never get into doing it with that kinda mellow atmospheric stuff, though - I was more about upbeat tracks from OverClocked Remix and such.

also I fought this boss (for the second time) last night and the song's still in my head bc it fkn slaps

Posted September 29th by Pirate_Ninja

I listen to video game music all the time. Also frequently find myself talking to Jo Nathan about it (we're always sharing covers and remixes we find on youtube).

Posted September 29th by Moonray

I could never get into doing it with that kinda mellow atmospheric stuff, though - I was more about upbeat tracks from OverClocked Remix and such.

It depends on what kind of work I'm doing. At my old job I would listen to faster, more intense music because not much thinking was involved. But if I need to really be thinking (as with this paper) then it has to be slower paced music or I will lose my ability to think clearly.

Posted September 29th by Vandy

“I bet nobody I said there ain’t nobody here now wants to mellow here is there? There ain’t nobody nobody wants to be a little bit mellow now is there? AND IF ANYBOSY WANTS TO GET MELLOW THEN YOU CAN JUST TURN AROUND AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF OK?”

This is a love song called WANG BANG sweet pootang (ted nugsnt getting laid on the dance floor)


Posted September 29th by Weid music

Halo 3 ODST man. I found the music to be hauntingly beautiful and engrossing. The black hawk down type of feel in the game was the cherry on top. If I ever pick up an xbox one again I will be more than happy to visit it again.

Posted September 29th by S.O.H.

Smash bros ultimate is gonna have 900+ songs but i’m Deaf and am dying to listen to this music. Dead deaf. Nothing beats smash bros music!

Posted September 29th by Weid man

It's a pity more companies don't try actually selling it to us!

Posted September 29th by Gigashadow

For all the games I own, I've only ever bought The Wind Waker music CD and the Smash 4 CD (But admittedly that was free since I bought both versions). The Wind Waker CD blows my mind, the music is so rich and atmospheric and just teeming with life in just about every piece. You know how to feel in almost every one of them. The Smash 4 one I like well enough but many pieces I wouldn't really listen to. I can't imagine having a CD from Ultimate. It'd be like too much music.

Other pieces that have gotten my feels include The Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix) from Halo 2, Onett/Home from Earthbound, Mute City (the Smash Bros. Melee version), and Wind of Madness from Resident Evil 5. The opening theme from GTA IV also hypes me.

Posted October 3rd by Fox Forever

Fox tell them how I wanted the dj to play brawl music at prom back in 2008 when I went with my friend who I have known since I was a baby as my mate.

Posted October 4th by Weid man

It's a pity more companies don't try actually selling it to us!

A lot of games do sell their soundtracks though...

Posted October 4th by Moonray

I do ‘t Think brawl did. I had to get it from one website which had downloadale pieces and then I burned some CDs and put some songs thst could be played on the car radio for family trips downloading them to my iPod to listen to alone. I think I will have the Zelda TP CD soundtrack that I received as a bonus gift for my Nintendo power renewal subscription.

Edited October 4th by Weid man

My stepdad is racist

Edited October 4th by Brandy

That's totally off topic...

Posted October 5th by Fox Forever
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