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The Nostalgia Forum

Where the past still shines

Been a heck of a decade, huh? Lots of changes happened in my life, that's all I can say. Except for the origin of this name XD
I'm still friends with the friend I made on the original GT, which is very surprising. I'm also surprised how many memories are resurfacing of my time t/here.

How is everyone? If you remember me, what do you think I'm like and doing nowadays?

There are 9 Replies

I think uou’re Psygnosis in disguise again. Betting my soul that you are.

Edited May 29th by Weid man

Why would you think so? Never heard the name, I'm afraid. How could I prove otherwise to you?

Posted May 29th by BraveNewDeafGirl

Please read and notice how paygnosis trolled us.

Posted May 29th by Weid man

I will continue reading this, but if you'll believe me at all, I haven't even thought of this site (was thinking of the original but pfft) for like a decade. Decided to Google it and here I am.
Sorry if I seem suspicious. ^^;

Posted May 29th by BraveNewDeafGirl

Weid Psy and Recal are not the same guy. Both of them were messing with you in that thread.

And yeah, I recognize your name. If you ever knew me it would have been as Ravinorak, Black Hook, or Altarblade. I apologize in advance if you did

Posted May 30th by Brocken Jr.

Can't say any of them rings any bells so I'm assuming we're safe XD

Posted May 30th by BraveNewDeafGirl

Your name looks sort of familiar. Or at least enough so that I felt the need to reply.

Posted June 18th by Elite

Hey, Elite, I can't say if I know yours from the amount of time that's passed.

Posted June 19th by BraveNewDeafGirl

M’lady! *adjusts fedora* my... you are quite a magnificent creature

Posted June 24th by MarvaIo
Reply to: I like the new look. Does anyone remember me?
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