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i like
Posted: Posted January 31st by cheese n\' waffles
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Edited January 31st by cheese n\\' waffles
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...big butts and I cannot lie.

Butts and I cannot lie.

Butts and I cannot lie.

Posted January 31st by Laxan
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You other brothers can't deny

Posted January 31st by Xhin
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I like cheesy grits.
I like medium-rare beefsteak.
I like walking in forest-edge ecotones in nice weather.
I like watching kids and dogs figure stuff out.
I like teaching almost any subject, no matter how advanced or how basic, as long as the student gets it.
I like comix. Aka bande dessinee’.
I like music, and can’t really describe which kind I like better.
I like dreaming.
I’m pretty sure I’d still like sex if I were still having it.
I like science fiction.

Posted February 5th by chiarizio
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