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I know what song they should make about gametalk’s past and present.
Posted: Posted May 23rd, 2018
Edited May 24th, 2018 by Weid music

This resembles what happened in the famous American plane crash called American pie which three 50’s rock stars named Richie valin, Jp richards, and buddy holly were involved in and they were the fore founders of 50’s rock which never stayed the same after thst tragedy happened, which is synonymous to what happened with gametalk when mike’s original site crashed in 2008 and the new site, which Daniel made and then xhin made this one after daniel’s failure, is a totally new gametalk with a different culture than the old one which everyone loved and no one hated and A LOT of people turned to hate the new rock era after that just like how a lot of people hate this new gametalk since there a bunch of talk and trolls coming from both of these and Brocken jr is one of the users who condemns both of these things, bring s lover of 50’s rock and the old gametalk.

So here’s how the song goes, originally wrote by don McLeon who wrote this song to express how much he misses 50’s rock style music which never came back after the plane crash which killed the founding fathers of 50’s rock which foreshadowed what happened to gametalk in 2008 after the site crashed and a totally new regime came up for both of these eras:

“Bye bye miss American pie, took the ruler (Shane xhin) to mike pooler but mike pooler just cried, good old folks drinking whiskey and rye (MSS) singing “this will be the day that I die, this will be the day that I die”. Jag be nimble jag be mick (Rolling Stones singer) jag be caught on a candle’s stkck.”

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