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Feed the back. om nom nom.
Xhin is listening.
I just want to be clear here with what my actual problem is with "random name trolls" and such since there still seems to be
Posted: Posted September 25th
Edited September 25th by KnokkelMillennium

My problem is not that they "look for my alt-names" I rarely use alt-names not sure where Xhin got that. But the best example is probably after I was last banned. When 2 different users were doing things to convince people that they were me and one of them admitted to this in a feedback thread and one of them was apparently editing people's posts with those old password leaks while this was happening. Which, btw MY password was on there too but somehow people were apparently accusing ME of doing it. Not only this but in my past MY posts got edited too and people mocked me for my password.

Which brings me to another thing: Dooku mentioned in a now tagged thread that I was accused of "hacking". I don't know if this apparently what I supposedly did but I don't know why my password would have been on it. True I used the password list once and then apologized for it but that's it no hacking and nothing afterwards. But someone was clearly trying to make it look like I was doing this and all of the other things they were doing.

Also, I have little doubt that the porn spamming was one of these people.

So if you we were wondering why I was questioning why I saw my name alone in a thread and not the poster's name despite seeing the poster's name in a thread like every time. Well there are good examples why.

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Now, one I don't know much about. And the other is just some asshole I used to be friends with but no one from here. So these aren't even regular users I assume. But they still leave me a bit paranoid when I see things like yesterday from random names. Xhin if you're gonna do anything like you said this is the real problem.

Edited September 25th by KnokkelMillennium


Posted September 25th by KnokkelMillennium
Reply to: I just want to be clear here with what my actual problem is with "random name trolls" and such since there still seems to be
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