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I just got back from the hospital again.
Posted: Posted May 14th by chiarizio
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For the third time in a calendar year (May 2019 to this month) I have had (an) abscess(es) on my left leg that needed treatment. The first time and this time it took (minor) surgery and a hospital stay; the middle time was managed without surgery.
I went in around 5 pm Monday May 11th and got out around 5 pm Wednesday May 15th.
It was MSSA; Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus.

They want to figure out why I keep having folliculitis and why it repeatedly results in boils.
More importantly they want to make it stop.

I’m working on doing what they suggest. I hope it works!
The nightmare is I don’t get to them in time and I wind up losing a limb.
I want to know for sure that won’t happen!


So how was your week?

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damn, hope you're doing okay, buddy

Posted May 14th by poptart!
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Thanks! So far I seem to be. It may be too early to tell.


I should have mentioned, the dream is that I get completely rid of the folliculitis and never have it again.

Edited May 14th by chiarizio
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I seem to be doing noticeably better.
Because of the lockdowns etc. I haven’t made some of the medical appointments I need to make.

Posted July 6th by chiarizio
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Went to the doctor today. Doing much better! No longer having any problems I didn’t already have back in 2019!

Posted July 31st by chiarizio
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