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I just finished my workout
Posted: Posted July 6th by Cruinn-Annuin

and I feel so FUCKING good.

If you've never experienced a runner's high, I feel sorry for you. It's free and it's good for you.

Eros at arms.
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What kind of workout did you do?

Also yeah post-workout bliss is awesome, particularly when you're otherwise sedentary.

Edited July 6th by Xhin

I do a mix of relatively light weightlifting, calisthenics and running. I always save the run for last and it always feels good, but tonight it felt significantly better then normal.

Should I go ahead and make that fitness club thing that I talked about in the other thread?

Posted July 6th by Cruinn-Annuin

Yeah that's a good idea.

Posted July 6th by Xhin
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