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For all of 2 minutes (max.)

I have never played it again.

What are your experiences with Fortnite?

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Played it a decent amount with my son. I’m not all that good at it but occasionally I’ll have a game where I get a few kills before I die. My son plays it with his friends and cousins all the time.

Posted April 7th by Q

I've played probably a total of 10 matches. I don't like the building mechanic of it. You don't have to build, but I feel that you have to build to be very good and get far into the game.

I prefer PUBG for my battle-royale experience. A bit more realism and purely focused on combat/survival.

Posted April 7th by Vandy

Played it a good chunk this past summer and fall. I won the Royal solo mode and stopped after that.

Posted April 7th by S.o.h

I played it all of once. I never encountered anybody else and got killed by the storm. I'll go back to my beloved Legend of Zelda, thank you ever so much, Nintendo.

Posted April 10th by GC/MS
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