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Or pneumonia. The doctor said that we'll just go with bronchitis because it's simpler and he can prescribe medicine that'll work if it's either.


Fatherland, Work, Justice
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Ouch! Either way.

Posted May 22nd by chiarizio

It feels like I got kicked in my chest, but at least now I have medicine. Steroids for the inflammation (the doctor almost thought that I had atypical strep at first due to how inflamed my throat was), antibiotic (since this came on the heels of a sinus infection) and a cough suppressant.

Let me tell you, it was fun to work until 12:30 AM and then get up at 8 AM today to go get my meds, then drive 50 miles to my parent's house to do manual labor for them. I'm going to take a significant nap now.

Posted May 22nd by Cruinn-Annuin

If your parents had known wouldn’t they have rather you’d rested?

Posted May 22nd by chiarizio

Eh, it wasn't a big deal. I enjoyed it. I have tonight and tomorrow off of work. I can rest plenty.

Posted May 22nd by Cruinn-Annuin

I hope things work out for you and that the doctor is helpful.

Posted May 22nd by Strong Man

Get better soon.

The last time I had Bronchitis I couldn't even speak so I had to take a day off from work.

Posted May 22nd by Forte Lambardi

Or pneumonia

Not a big fan of when even the doctor doesn't seem sure what's going on and just kind of does whatever.

Edited May 22nd by Knuckles39490

I’ve never had bronchitis. I’ve had laryngitis a couple times and pneumonia a couple times and flu more than a few times.
Whenever I have a fever, or any respiratory difficulty, or muscle and joint aches, just sitting up in bed reading instead of trying to become one with my mattress, turns out to be tiring.
For different reasons, when I have nausea or gut gripes or diarrhea or whatever you call having to pee frequently and urgently, I also can’t work, because I dare’nt stray too far from the necessary facilities. (id est the loo.)

So I must say I’m surprised you were even able to work, much less enjoyed it. I’d have assumed your parents were complete invalids and whatever they needed done was practically a matter of life or death and couldn’t be put off even for ten to seventeen hours. Otherwise you’d have rested. I’d also assume they’re both in their second childhoods, or otherwise they’d have insisted you rest instead of work.

Obviously that was a lot of false assumptions.

How in the world were you that sick and yet not only able to work but also able to enjoy working?

And how are your parents? In good health and good spirits, I hope?

Posted May 22nd by chiarizio

Not a big fan of when even the doctor doesn't seem sure what's going on and just kind of does whatever.

I put forward the idea that it was pneumonia because the symptoms seemed to line up and he didn't shoot the idea down. It's probably just bronchitis anyway, but he talked flexibly, which I appreciate. For a community doctor, this guy is pretty cool. I have no reservations about him; I've been going to him for years and will go back in the future.

Posted May 23rd by Cruinn-Annuin

I think if a doctor isn’t sure, they serve their patients best by telling them so.

The reason quacks successfully “steal” patients from legitimate physicians is that many patients prefer false certainty to true uncertainty.

For some questions, the honest, informed, up-to-date answer, is:
“I don’t know; and I wouldn’t trust anyone who said they do know.”.


Currently, as regards my wildly, and apparently causelessly, fluctuating blood sugar, I am waiting for my next appointment with my primary-care physician.
Last visit, she told me, “I don’t know yet. But if I still don’t know by the next time I see you, I’ll refer you to someone who can find out.”

Posted May 23rd by chiarizio
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