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i had an amazing day
Posted: Posted February 16th by susurrous

going to cry thinking abt it thats how good it was!!

muse released a new song it was fun!
then cetasaurus showed up out of nowhere while my mom was at work and took me to this random (but v nice!) house and now i guess we are going to live here and babysit some pups for the weekend!!!
and theyre soooooo cute i adore them that goes for ceta too
there were some perfect cumulus clouds catching the sun which hadnt been out in a while and the mountains were silver w snow after last nights dusting this place is so pretty

how was everyone elses day?

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man that's sounds like an amazing day

Posted February 16th by poptart!

yeah now we have been watching the olympics :)

how are you doing poptart?

Posted February 16th by susurrous

Posted February 16th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

It's good to see that you had a good day. I hope you have many more good days to come.

Posted February 16th by Vandy

ty i hope you have many good days coming too! :)

Posted February 16th by susurrous

I have to do a take-home exam... blah. All I want to do is draw and write (but not write my exam!)

Posted February 23rd by Kaida
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