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I had a homemade vegan breakfast
Posted: Posted February 8th
Edited February 8th by Xhin
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I've been working on a recipe that basically makes sunflower seeds taste like processed chips/crackers without any of the crap those products have. This batch turned out quite well and I ended up eating it for breakfast.


  • I combined lite soy sauce, garlic, paprika, some ginger, some cumin, and some thyme in a bowl to make a kind of sauce. I'm not quite sure of the quantities here-- first experiment was perfect, second could have used more sauce. The spice ratio is easier though -- lots of garlic, then step down at each step until you're sprinkling in thyme.

  • Get some unsalted sunflower seed kernels and pour the sauce over them.

  • Mix it around by shaking or stirring with a spoon. The ideal here seems to be having the seeds wet without having pools of sauce at the bottom.

  • Let the container sit open for at least 8 hours, though it seems to be better the longer you do it. Unrefrigerated is ideal, but we have bugs so I let it sit open in the fridge.


  • Tastes vaguely Asian if it isn't concentrated enough, and like some kind of heavily processed cracker or chip if it's done right.

  • Should store forever on the shelf since none of the ingredients require refrigeration. Haven't tested this though -- my batch is still wet, which might make it mold eventually, except the wetness is already fermented so maybe not.

  • Nutrition is off the charts -- sunflower seed kernels are already really high in a bunch of stuff including a big dose of magnesium, but the soy sauce adds a bunch of extra potassium and spices are quite dense in nutrition too.

  • Despite the taste, there's zero fillers, preservatives, things which are "flavors" and nothing else, sugar, etc. Provided you source the ingredients right of course. All of this taken together, it ends up being both extremely healthy and extremely binge-worthy. A great combination worth striving for. Also vegan and quite low-carb.

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    Hurrah! I want to try it.

    Posted February 9th by eldin raigmore
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