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It was sort of just a flash, as are most of my "dreams." There was a discussion going on in the mod forum that, soon, I would need to be removed from moderator of boxcube due to my lack of activity.

This would have been an actual concern of mine at one point in time. Such nostalgia.

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a part of me misses the days I would run home from school, boot up my computer, pour my self my favorite fizzy drink and to be welcomed by "GAMETALK 2.0 WILL RETURN SOON! VISIT LUNA.ORG" (which was also down)

Ninja edit:

I miss those good old days when the site did work.

Edited January 3rd by S.O.H.

I miss those days. I remember I used to try and be a mod so hard. I was actually a little jealous that you and sour got to be the smash mods, lol.

Can't remember the last time I had a GT dream.

Posted January 3rd by Fox Forever

I was pretty obsessed with it too. I remember feeling superior to others when I first got my TGT membership because I had fancy post icons. Sort of embarrassing to think, but hey I was like thirteen.

Posted January 3rd by Vandy

I miss the days of 2005 when wed all get in heated debates about consoles and games.

Posted January 3rd by Q

That actually did last for a while. But 2005-2007 was glorious!

Posted January 3rd by mariomguy

Wow - Vandy there is a name I am happy to see again! Fox Forever too!

Hope you guys remember me.

Posted January 6th by Chikorita Trainer
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