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I've been playing Fallout 3 recently and WOW I forgot how broken it could be. I'm in my mid-teens and, with the exception of my unarmed, my skills are all 50+ and, with the exception of Luck, my SPECIALs range from 7-9! My main weapons and armor are: hunting rifle, combat shotgun, Perforator, the Mauler, alien disintegrator, metal blaster, and the Winterized T-51B power armor.

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My SPECIAL lists as 9/7/6/8/9/7/1

My skills: 50/17/65/20/75/75/60/52/75/60/63/50/20

I forgot about Big Guns and Explosives when I made my original post

Posted September 25th by -Riku-


Posted September 27th by Brandy


Rude. And probably inaccurate!

Posted September 27th by KnokkelMillennium

Oh I mean how VATS

Posted September 27th by Brandy

We’re all S.T.A.R.S here!

Posted September 27th by Brandy

Don't forget the Chinese Stealth Suit + Shishkebab + Pyromaniac Perk + Better Criticals (not even including Ninja Perk) = 1 shotting Deathclaws at level 15 (probably sooner if I hadn't derped on my build).

Edited October 5th by Forte Lambardi
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