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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.

I have never had any enthusiasm for driving. My most recent lease, a modest Chrysler 200, is evidence enough of this, as after three years I used only 17 of my 36 thousand available miles. You can't do anything in southeast Michigan without access to a motor vehicle, and yet I somehow manage to cut out almost all nonessential travel.

In the past, purchasing a car has been... I think "perfunctory" is the right word. I buy something that is nice enough and will get me where I need to go while remaining within the disciplined budget I set for myself. The 200 was a perfectly reliable machine, and I don't doubt that it would have continued to serve me well for the next three years. Am I sad to see it go? That car is so completely adequate that I am convinced someone will buy it on the perfectly justified rationale that it is a functioning automobile. But there will be no joy in that transaction, and someday they will trade it in just as I did and all that will remain in their memory is a mass of gray ambivalence. "It was my second car", they'll say as they shrug their shoulders. "It was a Chrysler something-or-other."

So, um, I bought this:

The Charger is so cool. Too cool for me, or so I was initially worried. Am I too old for this car? Is this what an early-mid-life crisis looks like? What kind of emotional baggage am I dealing with that I worry about what other people will think when they see me in a car that I happen to actually like, and is that insecurity not a much greater indictment against my character than any sports car or, alternatively, an extra wide pickup outfitted with a pair of "truck nuts" could ever hope to be? In the past I've handwaved my overactive self consciousness as Catholic shame, but honestly I can easily imagine my old priest reminding me that confidence is not a sin and that I could stand to benefit from a good deal more.

Regardless, the answer to all of these questions is "Who cares?" because I leased it and God help me if I don't find a way to enjoy it. They gave pretty mad incentives which helped justify making the upgrade. My budget is still at the forefront of my consideration, but at least now there are intermittent signs of life to be found within my calloused heart as it concerns this daily ritual of climbing into a metal coffin and hurtling down the highway towards wherever I'm expected to be.

You might wonder why I would insist on leasing over buying when I claim to care so much about financial responsibility. Surely I could save thousands by buying a preowned vehicle outright, but I look at leasing as a sort of luxury insurance. I always have something relatively new that won't break down on me in the middle of a Michigan winter, as my very first car, a 2002 Dodge Stratus, had done on more than one occasion. So long as I am single and working in Detroit this is likely the route I'm going to take.


In other news, Castle Crashers is the best Beat'em Up ever made. But you already knew that, and if you disagree with this assessment then you can either fite me irl or likewise fight me in-game for the right to kiss any one of the liberated princesses (though if it's all the same to you I call Red). Either way, I constantly remind myself of my undying affection for that great early vindication of XBLA by displaying a figure of the Pink Knight on my desk. He's been up there for a few years with nothing of note to keep him company aside from a Fox McCloud bobblehead, but now I have finally found him a suitable companion. Meet the Barbarian!

I've been hunting for this guy for years. The Behemoth have long since stopped making these things, and the Barbarian was the one I wanted most ever since I first saw him on sale at the Newgrounds store.

The Pink Knight is admittedly the most glorious thing ever created with human hands, but the Barbarian is still good enough to stand beside him. On the subject of independently developed games I usually list Castle Crashers alongside Cave Story and the first couple episodes of The Banner Saga as the best around.

“There cannot be greater rudeness than to interrupt another in the current of his discourse.” - John Locke
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Nice looking car. I've been interested in the Charger as my next vehicle for a while. Hope you enjoy it.

I finally got around to playing Castle Crashers a year or so ago on the PC with a friend. It's pretty fun! Makes me regret my inexplicable lack of interest back when everyone I knew was playing it.

Posted January 28th by Count Dooku

congratulations! i think it is a good thing you got a car that you like :) it sounds like you put a lot of forethought (and "afterthought") into getting this car i do hope you will find a way to enjoy it like you said :) i would agree w the imagined memory of your priest reminding you that you could benefit from confidence! your justifications for leasing instead of buying also make a lot of sense to me and i hope you will find yourself satisfied w your decsions

idk anything about castle crushers but i dont really want to fight you lol i'll take your assessment of its quality at your word. those bobbleheads are so cute! im glad you were able to find the one you were looking for after all those years of searching :)

Posted January 30th by susurrous

You know, there's something tragic about seeing my brand new car covered in ice and snow, but that's what I get for buying in the middle of that aforementioned Michigan winter. Assuming the forecast for tomorrow isn't entirely wrong we will have had a 30 degree swing twice in four days, but at least most of what landed on Monday should melt sometime tomorrow.

I finally got around to playing Castle Crashers a year or so ago on the PC with a friend. It's pretty fun! Makes me regret my inexplicable lack of interest back when everyone I knew was playing it.

As strange as it sounds, it was one of the main reasons I got a 360 back in the day. As a kid weaned on Streets of Rage and Golden Axe the prospect of a four player cooperative brawler with over two dozen playable characters sounded like a dream come true, and for me at least it basically was.

and i hope you will find yourself satisfied w your decsions

Thank you, and I think I am. The blind spot mirrors (you get a yellow dot indicating when a car is in your expected blind spot) are a quality of life feature that I've already grown very fond of, and something I hope to see from anything I drive in the future.

Edited January 30th by Famov

i hope the crazy weather in your town was charitable to you today :)

the blindspot feature sounds like a great idea for safer driving!

Posted January 31st by susurrous
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