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I added a new forum image
Posted: Posted January 1st
Edited January 2nd by Famov

I feel like it fits, even if you can't really read the text when it's scaled down.

I was sober as a stone on New Years Eve, and I watched Kingsmen 2 with my sister and our parents. I liked it a lot less than they did, which mirrors our reactions to the first one. They're certainly "fun" enough, which is clearly the mission statement of this series, but I do sometimes get distracted by how farcical it all is. The second movie outdoes the first in this regard by having multiple characters come back from the dead and in one case for no evident reason other than to play a random henchman with infinitely less personality and consequence to the story than the mechanical arm he fought with.

The best thing about either film are the antagonists, which are really charismatic comic book/spy movie super villains, and certainly more interesting than the bad guys we get in most Marvel movies. I'm no movie buff but I assume this is first film where anyone considered casting Julianne Moore as a Bond villain.

Pedro Pascal is a wonderful cowboy, and this picture ought to serve as scientific proof that no woman is so beautiful that she will save a horrendous haircut. I mean, come on. The movie is a cartoon. There's no need to make Halle Berry ugly in order to convince us that she's a scientist.

But enough about that. Tonight I am going to watch a movie I like much more, which I conveniently received as a Christmas present this year. The beer, along with entirely too much popcorn, will aid in my enjoyment of what is likely to always be my favorite Arnold movie. I'll take Predator over The Terminator every time.

“There cannot be greater rudeness than to interrupt another in the current of his discourse.” - John Locke
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great pic

i definitely agree with you on the kingsman movies. the first one is entertaining in an obnoxious way; the second is just obnoxious

Posted January 4th by poptart!
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