Hyrule Journals Episode 1: Ocarina of Time - A Masterclass in Subtext
Posted: Posted July 19th by Cruinn-Annuin
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Here is an excessively deep and well-considered analysis of the tragedy of the Ocarina of Time.

Here's the link, in case embeds are still broken:
This channel is still very new and I can't wait to see what else they do.

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Nabooru suggests sexual activity with Link according to that guy narrating that video. Cruinn-Annuin do you think that's what she's suggesting?

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Chin showed us this awhile ago. It was interesting

Posted July 19th by Brandy
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Brandy do you think Nabooru is suggesting sexual activity with Link like the narrator in the video says?

Posted July 19th by Welsh_Gamer
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I think Telma from Twilight Princess wanted it with Link too

Posted July 20th by Welsh_Gamer
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I wonder if I should share more game analysis stuff with you guys. I listen to and watch things like that all the time per my being into game design. One of my favorites is Resonant Arc, formerly Dark Pixel. Their retrospective on the Final Fantasy franchise is very in-depth.

As per the original post, it pretty much nails it. OoT truly was the first game that blew my mind as a child. Walking out onto Hyrule field at the time...it really was incredible.

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One of the better game analysis videos out there. Thanks for the share!

I wonder if I should share more game analysis stuff with you guys

Yes, you should! I've been watching a bunch of stuff like this too -- I partucularly like the "history of speedrunning" series by summoningsalt and the really in-depth analyses of sm64 by pannenkoek (the guy who made the highly memed "parallel universes" video). There's a lot of great video game analysis content out there in general though.

Posted July 20th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

This is the sort of thing I go to youtube for.

The march of time, in combination with the rehabilitated reputation of the likes of Majora's Mask (which as recently as ten years ago was not as loved as it is now) can make it easy to lose perspective on just how good Ocarina really is, at least for those of us that have not played through it recently. I grew up with both N64 games, though I experienced them through my friends (which is definitely not the same as playing it yourself) until I was well into my teens and started using summer job money to scour the shelves of FuncoLand for used copies of Nintendo games that I hadn't been able to afford before when they were new. My Zelda journey proper started with the Oracle series, and so the Capcom-ish idiosyncrasies that helped set those two apart were only realized in retrospect, and made especially apparent once I made my way through Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. My first 3D Zelda was Wind Waker, which I liked a great deal in spite of the weird pacing towards the end. It's still beautiful, even on Gamecube. But Ocarina really is better in every way that matters to me, and that was something I realized as soon as I played through it myself. In many ways it's a translation of Link to the Past to 3D, but to leave it at that sells it short, especially considering what an undertaking such a translation was. And while LttP relegates Ganon's origin to the manual we actually get to see it it play out as part of Ocarina's story. That in conjunction with the creation myth from the Deku Tree sets OoT as the focal point from which every game since has revolved around, and even prior titles retroactively have this relationship, notwithstanding Wind Fish-related heat strokes. It makes Ocarina the natural place to start for anyone looking to get into Zelda. It's not necessarily my favorite, and depending on the day of the week I may still slightly prefer Majora's Mask, but it is the most essential game for understanding what Zelda is about.

Posted July 21st by Famov
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