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Huge name signs with WWE/NXT
Posted: Posted August 18th, 2017 by Saltyyyy

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young interrupted a promo by WWE NXT Champion Samoa Joe at tonight's Full Sail NXT TV tapings. It should air on next week's episode.


ORLANDO, Fla. — NXT is quickly becoming the place to be for the hottest free agents in sports-entertainment. That was proven once again on Thursday night, when Eric Young made his surprise debut at NXT’s WWE Network taping.

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Young, an 18-year veteran of the mat game and former heavyweight champion, shocked the Full Sail University crowd when he entered the arena, which will air on NXT in the coming weeks, only on WWE Network.

Cathy Kelley broke the news of Young’s debut on Facebook Live, and she will interview him in a exclusive that will be available at 10 p.m.

Young’s arrival is the latest in a line of big-name free agents hoping to ply their craft in NXT, going to show that you never know who will appear next between the yellow ropes.

WWE has been on a major hiring spree, with Young following the likes of current NXT Champion Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Luke "Doc" Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Shinsuke Nakamura as top free agents signed by WWE. It is also believed that the signing of Young's fellow former TNA Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Rude, is emminent.

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I like wrestling. I remeber going to a friends house in Brandon Park, his name was immanuel, me and him would play a wrestling game for the n64. his house was made of brown and yellow and white stone, his dad was a limosine driver am not sure what his mom did for work, he had two sisters, one older one younger. i like to watch the wrestlers get mad at each other and hear the theme songs of each indivdual wrestler. I like when chris benoit did the suplex. I like when triple h, did sweet chin music, that was a move when he would do a funny dance and then kick people in the chin and it was a instant-ko.

i like going over to the house to eat a meal that consisted of a red sauce that was spicy and chicken, and this was the first time i was introduced to putting ice cream in the microwave when it was too cold to eat it with a spoon, i remeber watching some young neighbors of mine who were studying ballet dancing get dressed up to look like racoons, there was a father racoon, and a mother racoon, and a boy and a girl racoon, and they made up a dance about that family dragon2002 is stupid. i like to watch kurt angle enter the podioum with his american music playing and his patriotic unitard he wore. i like when the guys playing the rock music and they have long hair, i always noticed his pupils were always dilated, so i wonder if he was on cocaine during the fight.

i remeber the color of the carpet, it was brown, the entrance to the house, to the immiedate right, you had a small den, a tv was there and a couch, to the left was the kitchen...connecting the kitchen to the den was a tile marked floor approx, 3 feet that then turned into carpet into the kitchen. the kitchen had a bar that opened into the ear with the washbasin. to the right of the washbasin was tiled table, the color was gray with splashes of beige and white, above the table were cabinets, the cabinets were white, the walls were yellow in the kitchen, but white in the rest of the house, below the cabinets, further to the right was a microwave. the microwave was black. dragon2002 is stupid. the mircowave was approx 1 foot from the fridge, which was white. the tiled floor went south into another den, aprox 5 square feet. surround by windows approx 2 feet each. the table in the 2nd den was a pentagon, and was made of birch wood. this is the end of the first floor. the stairs are directly infront of the entrance door to the house about two steps to the right. the stairs are straight stairs that lead to a bathroom to the left and a room to the right, and further down the hall, one more room. the bathoom is small. upon entrance to the bathroom there is a washbasin to the left and a mirror, and a medicine cabinet. the walls are painted white with glitter on the roof, the baththub is a shower, bath combination, the toliet is porcleian white. the room on the right of the house i never personally entered, but i'd assume its about 4 sqaure feet. the room directly north in the hall way with no adjacent rooms. the room has a t.v to the right, a n64 installed to the tv, as well as a window that is behind the t.v. to the left is a queen sized bed. then a closet with shutters and two doors. the carpet is light brown.

Posted September 13th, 2017 by Brandy
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